The "inner harmony" is what every person strives for. There are many ways to learn more about your personality and physical abilities, but undoubtedly the most popular of them is yoga. Yoga is an Indian philosophical knowledge, which practice involves physical exercises and breath mediation. Therefore, it is important to have all the necessary attributes to be fully immersed in the process.

Apparently, one of the most important things is a yoga mat. This particular philosophy implies the practice of various body postures, which is hard to playback without such equipment. The right choice of a yoga mat will help you to get maximum comfort during your classes and achieve your inner harmony.

This review is responsible for telling you about all key aspects that should be considered while buying a yoga mat. Here you'll find the information about top-5 diverse yoga mats that will definitely suit any yoga class.

TOP-5 yoga mats of 2022

1. Non-slip Exercise and Yoga Mats with Carrying Strap ($23.97 - 31.17)

Non-slip Exercise and Yoga Mats with Carrying Strap

The first option represents a classic yoga mat that is great for all types of fitness and exercise, including Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and any floor workout. The manufacturer also takes care of nature because this yoga mat is made of totally eco-friendly materials, so it is a good variant for those who are not indifferent to the planet's welfare. The article also implies two optional thicknesses of 8 and 14 mm.  This yoga mat is sent with a bag package that makes it possible to take your favorite mat to the gym or nature.

2. Double Layer Non-slip 6 mm TPE Yoga Mat with Position Line ($14.89 - 17.50)

Non-slip TPE Yoga Mat with Position Line

The second variant of yoga mats has similar ratings but what makes it different is its position line. It is extremely needed when you try to catch the balance and concentration during the posture practice and either to dispense your weight when an essential part of the body is controlled with your hands. This particular model possesses a spread color palette which can help you to choose the appropriate variant for your apartment design.  Moreover, its double-sided grain tracery makes the mat more resistant and non-slip on any surface.

3. Round folding non-slip mat made of natural rubber for fitness ($28.64)

Round folding non-slip mat for fitness

Our next option highly differs from previous models because of its unusual shape dimensions. Round and thin, this yoga mat will mostly suit meditation therapy and breathe practices.  Its main convenience is tiny size parameters that make it a good option for traveling and other activities that imply any transportation. Moreover, this particular yoga mat owns very beautiful design decisions that illustrate some Indian symbolic that refer to yoga philosophy and yoga knowledge.

4. Massage mat for yoga and acupuncture ($7.48 - 18.28)

Massage mat for yoga and acupuncture

This massage yoga mat has a lot of small spines that are equally spread on the mat surface that make it really similar to an acupuncture session. Such a model is strongly recommended to a thrill-seeker who likes to have a painful feeling while yoga practicing. Despite the mat itself, the article also provides a yoga cushion and a bag package that will allow you to do yoga exercises everywhere you want. What is more, the pin pad inserts are one of the best ways to fight against stress and depression.

5. EVA 6mm Non-slip Yoga Mat with Yoga Poses ($16.19 - 17.99)

EVA 6mm Non-slip Yoga Mat

The last yoga mat is a wonderful choice for those who have just started practicing these Buddhistic exercises.  The front side of the mat is printed with a big diversity of yoga poses that you can learn right during your first sessions. Isn’t it great? Moreover, you can choose the thickness of your future mat (6 or 10 mm). The adsorption wave helps the mat stay immovable during your classes. And of course, all presented models have a waterproof cover to keep your yoga accessory safe and clean.

To sum up, all the variants that were described today have a chance to become your perfect option for yoga training. The only things that can be relevant in making the decision are size and color shade. In the rest, it is up to you which variant to choose. Gain your inner harmony with our incredible yoga mats!