XBOX accessories are designed for gamers who use the popular game console from Microsoft. With them, you can get more enjoyment from the game.

The most popular among players are alternative joysticks XBOX. They are better in the hand than the regular controllers, provide additional gaming features. Also popular are: a variety of cables that connect the console to the TV, brackets, allowing you to fix the cameras, stands for game consoles, headphones, providing high sound quality and give the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a virtual world.

TOP-5 Xbox accessories of 2022

Some accessories are designed by Microsoft, others are made by third-party manufacturers.

1. Xbox stand

Xbox stand

Xbox Series X console vertical shelf with 4 USB 2.0 ports. Phantom blue light at the bottom of the shelf.

Gives 4 additional USB ports for your console. Also helps with console cooling. Your console will now collect less dust, which will greatly improve your console's performance and protect it from overheating.


4 additional ports;

Better cooling of the console.


No USB 3.0 ports.

2. Analog sticks for XBOX

Analog sticks for XBOX

It's hard to imagine a game that didn't use analog sticks. Sooner or later they stop working correctly or fail. This can happen after a fall, a bump or debris entering the gamepad. Often the cause of failure is natural wear and tear.

Perfect for XBox, looks just like the original sticks. Effectively protects your gamepad from dust. Replace old or useless sticks, make them more beautiful.

High-quality hard plastic. Non-slip surface is great for better grip while playing games.

The smooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanliness. Protect the joystick from dust and scratches. Made of high quality material, wear-resistant and durable.


Perfect for Xbox console;

Protects from dust and scratches;

High-quality plastic.


Wears off just like the standard sticks.

3. Sticks attachments for XBOX

Stick attachments for XBOX

Tired of seeing your analog sticks rub off after heated fights in fighting games and online shooter battles?

Take advantage of our black silicone stylus tips. The pads will prevent stick erasure.

Analog stick caps for Xbox Series X gamepads. Provides a comfortable grip on your fingers and prevents them from slipping. A perfect accessory for your console.


Provides a comfortable grip;

Cool looking.


Wears off over time.

4. Gamepad case

XBox Gamepad case

Silicone Case for XBOX Series X is an excellent protection gamepad from chips, scratches, and dirt. Also, this accessory creates additional comfort while playing, the gamepad in a case is pleasant to the touch, and the load on the hands is reduced by softening the case.

Silicone gamepad case for XBOX Series X gamepad gives you a stylish and refreshing look.


Protection of the gamepad;

Material is pleasant to the touch.


Needs to be taken off for cleaning.

5. Charging station

Xbox Charging station

A black color kit designed for those who actively use the Microsoft Xbox One game console. It includes a charging stand, two batteries, and a USB cable. If your gamepad runs out of power, simply place it on the docking station and watch the LED indicator. When it turns green, you can use your controller again.

This model is suitable for charging two gamepads at the same time. The included rechargeable batteries allow you to replenish the batteries in your controllers and keep playing at the same time - great for those who want to get back to their virtual adventures as quickly as possible.


Can charge two gamepads;

LED charge indicator.


No fast charging.