Imagine: you have been choosing for a long time and finally bought a good smartphone. With a big screen, good battery, a smartphone that you are going to use for at least 3-4 years.

On it, you will watch videos or soap operas on the subway on the way to and from work. Or maybe listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or just music in the office or at home. Or maybe you just want to have a headset so you can free your hands in the car or talk on the phone at minus 20 without the fear that your hand will fall off or your phone will disconnect in the cold?

In all these cases, you will need good "ears". So you go back to the store and buy ... what? The cheapest wireless headphones? The model from Xiaomi, JBL, Samsung, or Huawei that has the most sales? Or just get the headset out of the box with your smartphone?

TOP-5 Wireless Earbuds

We suggest you take a look at our Top of the Best Wireless Headphones to decide your choice.

1. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 (under $20)

Xiaomi Mi wireless earbuds

Stereo and mono playback modes are supported by the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 wireless headset. While using one earbud, the user gets unlimited freedom of action, and 2 earbuds make the sound richer and more expansive. The ergonomics of the in-ear housing allow it to fit comfortably in the ear and stay securely in place. And the compact and lightweight design minimizes strain during use.

Control the functionality of the headset Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 is done by touching the body of the headphone and does not require the use of a smartphone. If the user wishes, a compatible application is installed on the smartphone, with which you can not only control the functions of the earpiece but also monitor the level of charge of each earpiece and battery case.


Build-in controls;

Compact and lightweight;

Good battery.


A small selection of colors.

2. Honor CHOICE (under $40)

Honor CHOICE wireless earbuds

The technical specifications of the TWS headphones are the most advanced, these characteristics allow the owner of the headphones to use them comfortably. Having these headphones you get all the advantages you expect from wireless headphones of this type. This is a quick pairing with the device, the work at a distance of 10 meters, the long battery life of the headphones and the ability to charge the headphones from their case, and of course the sound quality and loudness of your music and the ability to use the headphones as a headset.


Working distance (10m);

Sound quality;

Latest technology.


Short battery life (according to some reviewers).

3. Air TWS 5.0 (under $20)

Air TWS 5.0  wireless headset

Comfort-seeking consumers will appreciate all the advantages of headphones with a microphone Air TWS 5.0 in a stylish white shade. This wireless model works with Bluetooth version 5 technology. The range of the headphones is 10 meters, so their owner can go some distance away from the sound source.

As for sound quality, the headphones with microphone Air TWS 5.0 show good results. Their dynamic driver provides a wide frequency range (20 Hz - 20 kHz) and a solid volume. The device is charged by means of a miniature USB-base, which also plays the role of a convenient case. Due to its streamlined shape, the headphones fit in the ear without any problems.


Working distance (10m);

Good sound quality.


No USB Type-C.

4. LEVANA A6S TWS (under $10)

LEVANA A6S TWS noise cancelling wireless headset

Of course, you shouldn't expect from these headphones amazing sound, they are cheap, but we must say that their sound is quite acceptable.

The bass, of course, is present with some half-smells, the mediums sag a little, the highs are clear enough, but a little bit harsh. Not bad detailing, and overall - even better than expected.

Set: a case with headphones, two additional sets of silicone ear cushions (on the headphones themselves - the average size, in addition, are small and large), instruction in Chinese.


Good sound quality;


Quality build.


Not the greatest bass.

5. I7Mini TWS (under $10)

I7Mini TWS wireless bluetooth earphones

This model is a smaller version of the i7s TWS. The multifunctional button allows you to receive/reset calls, turn on/off/switch music. In other words, wireless headphones i7 TWS mini is also a full Bluetooth headset.

Wireless headphones are a great addition to your life with another convenience - you no longer need to untangle the wires as you did with conventional headphones. You can charge your device in the case, which makes you even more free from outlets.

The i7 TWS Mini Wireless Headphones are suitable for both Android and iPhone. In order to sync them with your smartphone, all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth and pair them. Just a few seconds and the headphones are ready to use.


A lot of colors to choose from;

Android and iPhone compatible;

Just connect and it's ready to use.


Some people experience problems with pairing.

Buyer's guide: listen before buying

Listen to the headphones before you buy them. How many places where you can come and listen to in-canal headphones, know such advisers?

Although, if you have the opportunity to listen to the headphones live, for example, borrowing them from friends and colleagues with good "ears", then, of course, you should listen. In stores, you can usually only listen to an overhead or full-size headphones.