Each of us tries to get out to the sea in the summer. And in order for the rest to go better, and you can spend it with comfort, what you need is water-shoes. These shoes have become quite popular among vacationers.

In this article, we will take look at the most popular models for women, men and children. Aqua shoes are special shoes designed for swimming in the sea. Very convenient for swimming and walking on sand and pebbles, because it protects your feet from stones.

Top-5 Water Shoes of 2022

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SMILE OF MILADY beach flip flops

So, the first model we will look at is ordinary slippers. Absolutely everyone is already accustomed to such, and it's a basic item to have in your shoes collection. These closed toe slippers with holes to make them breathable. Simple slippers like these are usually used to go on the beach or to go to the pool, in a shower, or simply at home. All the advantages are obvious, but there are also quite a few disadvantages. Firstly, they are not suitable for constant wear, because the feet always sweat in the gum elastic. Secondly, if you swim in them, then there is a very high probability that your shoes will float away. In addition, most likely, you will not catch them back. Nevertheless, the advantage is in the low cost.

Jarvan Outdoor Kids Swimming Shoes

Jarvan kids swimming shoes

The next model is super cute kids water shoes. They have 31 different designs and 6 sizes. Often they are small, so the seller asks to compare the size with the length of the foot. The shoes are made of a soft dense fabric similar to felt, which dries quickly. The lower part bends easily and does not tear. The sole is dense and ribbed; this will allow the child to walk even on a smooth wet surface. Since the shoes are made of quick-drying material, the child can walk in them both in water and on land. The shoes are easy to take off and put on. Aqua shoes are suitable for both boys and girls. The price depends on the size, but it is quite acceptable for a given lot.

Summer sneakers for the sea

Summer sneakers for the sea

The third shoe option for the beach is the unisex bathing boots. They have non-slip  soles and dry quickly in the sun. They will not interfere with your movements, but will give you comfort and freedom, protecting your feet from punctures and scratches. Water shoes are made of neoprene (a blend of textile and rubber fibers) and high quality rubber soles. Classic, simple and fashionable design for any category of people except toddlers. Their outsole allows you to do pool / beach swimming, water sports, fitness, yoga, and household chores. The size should be selected according to the table. The cost is very affordable.

Waterproof sports swimming socks

Waterproof sports swimming socks

These beach socks are suitable for both swimming and surfing, diving and other water sports. Socks made of neoprene with a thickness of 3 mm. This makes them elastic and quick drying. On the website, the seller has painted all the characteristics of the sizes, which will allow you to choose the right size. Such a model fits well on the leg, but a little freer. They do not slip off your feet and you can be sure that your shoes will not float away. And it was said that they are suitable for surfing and this is true. There are small rubber grains on the outsole that will prevent slipping. The socks are sold in 3 colors: black, blue and bright pink. Moreover, these aqua shoes have a breathable surface and protect you from rocks and marine life. The price is reasonable. 90 % of buyers are happy with their purchase.

Beach Seaside Sneakers

Beach seaside sneakers

Probably the most effective model of today's article is the hard wearing beach sneakers. They are suitable for both men and women. The assortment includes 11 different colors, as well as a range of sizes from 35 to 48. The main material of the upper is elastic. It bends easily, but does not tear. This confirms the strength and durability of this product. In addition, this lot has a striking design in different colors. You can choose exactly what you need. The point about physical properties is complemented by the fact that the shoes are breathable. Therefore, the footwear dries quickly and is suitable for constant walking and for temporary stay in the water.

Buyers guide: how to choose water shoes?

In conclusion, what should you pay attention to when choosing water shoes? There are several criteria besides cost and design. Let's take a closer look:

Density. These shoes should protect your feet from cuts and other injuries.

Convenience. Uncomfortable shoes will surely ruin the rest.

Non-slip surface. If you plan to use these shoes only on the beach, then this point is not something you need to worry about.

Breathability. The fabric should allow air to pass through so that the shoes dry faster and your feet are not damp.