The walkie-talkie is a reliable source of communication over long distances, where the phone will not hold a charge for a long time or even lose the satellite. This connection is used by fishermen, hunters, tourists, construction workers, and security guards. The walkie-talkie is used by professionals and just amateurs, there are even children's walkie-talkies.

There are plenty to choose from. Modern walkie-talkies come with many additional functions, different parameters, quality characteristics, and so much more.

What determines the quality of the radio

The quality depends on the frequency range on which the walkie-talkie operates. This indicator indicates how far the radio can receive signals, where the coverage is better — in the city or on rough terrain.

The signal

The range of the radio depends on the power of the transmitter and the area in which the device is located. On rough terrain, the signal has almost no obstacles, and in the city, it is hindered by numerous buildings.

TOP-5 Best Walkie-Talkies of 2022

1. Baofeng BF-888S

Baofeng BF-888S Walkie-Talkie

The filling of the radio station is placed in a strong plastic case, reinforced from the inside with metal. A walkie-talkie in such a package will not be damaged if it falls on a rocky surface, and even more so on the ground. The developers of the device provided good heat dissipation of the case.

This walkie-talkie in terms of range is no different from other analogs of the amateur class. It all depends on the terrain conditions. On average, you can expect a stable connection at a distance of 1.5 km, regardless of the presence of obstacles to the passage of the radio signal.

The quality of communication can be better or worse if users are on high ground or in low ground, from the presence of jammers, radio towers, high-rise buildings, etc. between them.

The Baofeng BF-888S walkie-talkie is the best choice for inexperienced amateur radio operators. The device will provide high-quality communication on fishing, hiking, traveling by car.


Easy to use;

1.5 km range;

Good heat dissipation of the case.


Plastic case.

2. BaoFeng UV-S9 Plus

BaoFeng UV-S9 Plus Walkie-Talkie

The BaoFeng UV-S9 Plus has a reversible screen. That is, it is not the screen that lights up, but only the letters. Personally, I like this solution very much. But how much it will be more convenient, only the experience will show.

As for the battery: with intensive communication, it is enough for a full day of light. If you communicate less intensively, some people keep for 2-3 days.

As for the range of the signal, then everything is very individual. In a city where there are many buildings that can prevent the signal from passing, the working distance will be around one kilometer. However, in some places, the signal will not be quite sure.


High power;



Not a standard programming cable.

3. Baofeng BF-T3

 Baofeng BF-T3 walkie-talkie

The Baofeng BF-T3 walkie-talkie is so cheap that it is offered as a set of two pieces. The device is extremely simple in design and use, but can communicate with other subscribers on one of the 22 factory-programmed channels.

The manufacturer claims a communication range of up to 3 km in ideal conditions (direct visibility, without obstacles). In an urban environment and on rough terrain, a stable transmission and reception session is provided at distances up to 800 meters.

All radio control buttons are placed on the front panel. The weight of the device without batteries is only 79 g. Power supply – 4 AAA batteries (not included). The time of continuous operation of the walkie-talkie in active mode on one set of batteries is up to three hours. The design of the model provides for the possibility of using a headset. The equipment of the walkie-talkie includes a flashlight for illumination and a clip for carrying it on the belt.

Information about the status, operating mode, active channel number, volume, battery level is continuously displayed on the miniature (one-inch) display. The proposed pair of walkie-talkies will be a good means of communication for children, hiking enthusiasts, such as mushroom pickers, which will help the companions not to get lost from sight. The walkie-talkie is not designed for operation at negative air temperature.



22 programmed channels;

Distances up to 800 meters.


Batteries not included.

4. Baofeng BF UV10R

Baofeng BF UV10R walkie-talkie

Baofeng BF UV10R is the latest model of dual-band radio station! It features an original housing design, three levels of output power up to 8W, and a 2200 mAh battery with an operating voltage of 7.4 Volts! The battery of the radio station can be charged separately via a special 3.5*1.35 connector.


2200 mAh battery;


3.5*1.35 connector.

5. Retevis RT388

Retevis RT388 Walkie-talkie

Walkie-talkies for children and adults Retevis set of 2 pcs. You can use the Yak baby monitor alastomuus special regime of work without pressing a button. You can also use it in a group.

The Retevis RT-388 ration is not very good for robots at short distances. Voices sound clear and clear. The radio is equipped with a PK display, which shows the indicator of the battery charge and the channel number. Mozliwosci skanowania canals. Working radio from 4 AAA-type batteries.


Two walkie-talkies;



Not a great build.