Every parent is eager to make his child being the happiest in the whole world. Sometimes it happens that such a desire becomes the main aim of the parents’ life. And this fact can be easily explained by mentioning that we all try to do our best when it comes to our children: get them a new toy that was on their dream-list, buy them their favorite candy, let them go to the cinema together with their best friends, and so on. And we can’t deny that clothes in today's world have become one of the most significant attributes of a child’s life as if it was ice cream or a kite.

From the very birth, little babies show their interest in the different colors and pics that caught their eyes. And there is no need to remind what attention to the clothes choice is paid by school children and teenagers especially. That is why it is so essential to be aware of the last news of kids’ fashion.

It’s no secret that today’s fashion is totally grabbed by unicorns! This marvelous creature received the recognition not only of its little fans but of teens as well. Thus, this fairytale animal is an unequivocal trend of this year!

This article will provide you with a very interesting piece of information about stylish unicorn decorated children's clothes that will be definitely adored by your lovely kids. So here we are with top 5 unicorn kids garments of this season.

Top 5 Unicorn Babies and Kids Outfits of 2022

1. Unicorn Fart Baby One-Piece ($22.33)

Unicorn Onesie Baby


If you have a small baby girl and want to make her special and trendy this option is just for you. It is designed for newborns babies up to 3 months old. The positive side of this variant is that it is light and contains no super bright colors that can disturb the baby’s vision. The picture of the cute and funny unicorn fart is capable of touching the mother’s heart and amusing the newly minted father at the same time. So we can say for sure that this long sleeve baby one-piece with a unicorn print will satisfy both baby and his parents.

2. To be a unicorn Toddler Pullover Hoodie ($31.94)

Unicorn Hoodie Toddler


Another interesting variant of unicorn print is that is made in a cubism style. The design that includes a variety of different geometric shapes and colors looks really impressive on a kid hoodie. Of course, this print could be done on any other garment kind but this particular model will suit perfectly any child. Appropriate for one or two-year-old children. The strong side of this print and clothes - it can be worn both by girls and boys.

3. Among us unicorn Kids Pullover Hoodie ($37.96)

Unicorn Kids Hoodie


The game industry has a great impact on our social life nowadays, so why should we ignore this fact? Among us is a game that has become a true sensation for the younger generation. This unicorn-designed character in combination with fashionable clothes type will 100% conquer the heart of any kid who is fond of this game. Features a jersey-lined hood, side seam pockets, and ribbed cuffs are the aspects that will assure parents about their child comfort.

4. Unicorns and Rainbows || Magical Unicorn || Kids Mask ($14.03)

Unicorn Kids Mask


Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic changed our life most unpredictably. In case to stay afloat and bring happiness to other people this unicorn mask is here to help. The bright and unusual design will make your child be optimistic during these unlucky days and remember about his favorite animation hero.  The mask is provided with two layers of 100% polyester fabric with sublimated print on the outer layer and over-ear elastic straps, so parents shouldn’t worry about children's safety.

5. Funny Unicorn Ninja Gift Kids T-Shirt ($22.81)

Unicorn Ninja Kids T-shirt


Last but not least is the prettiest funny unicorn ninja T-Shirt. It is appropriate for one or two years old children. The idea of combining the Japanese martial art and a very cute unicorn looks great and unordinary on the black color of the T-shirt. A baby will look at this print and dream about being such a brave hero as his favorite character while just-become parents will be confident about their kid’s amazing outfit!

To sum up, we hope that this article was useful for you to read and now you have no doubts about what to buy for your lovely baby or a grown-up child. If you are looking for clothes for the smallest one, be careful and check all the sizes and fabrics that are mentioned in the composition beforehand. In the rest, we wish you good luck and enjoy your shopping!  We are sure that your kids will be glad to have these awesome unicorn clothes!