Natural Remedies for Eczema

The term eczema encapsulates many types of skin swelling, and it is also known as atopic dermatitis. The majority of eczemas can cause itchy, dry skin, and that, in turn, causes rashes on the face, behind the knees, inside the elbows, hands, and feet. It is not preferred to itch the skin, because it will turn red, and itch even more. It is not a contagious condition, and the cause still remains unknown. It is thought to be a mixture of environmental factors as well as genetic. It’s a disease that can last quite long and it can get better or worse with time. A complete cure has yet to be found, but there are measures that we can take to stop it from becoming worse.


Atopic dermatitis usually begins around the age of 5 and can continue well into adulthood. In some cases, it’s periodical. Symptoms can vary from person to person, and they include:
• Itching that can become severe during the night
• Dry skin
• Tiny, red bumps that will leak fluid if you scratch them
• Patches that are brownish-gray in color and form on the feet, hands, wrists, ankles, upper chest, neck, inside the knees and elbows, eyelids, and in infants, it can affect the scalp and face.
• Scaly, cracked and thickened skin
• Sensitive, swollen and raw skin from scratching

If this condition is affecting the quality of your life to the extent that you don’t sleep well and it’s hindering your daily activities, you must consult a doctor. Another case where you should see a doctor is if you have a skin infection, and you see yellow scabs, pus, and red streaks.


• Chronic scaly, itchy skin, which is also known as neurodermatitis, starts when a patch of itchy skin forms up, and when you scratch it, it will become even itchier. This condition causes the skin to become leathery, thick, and discolored
• Hay fever and asthma. It’s alarming to know that half of the children that have dermatitis develop hay fever and asthma by the time they turn 13
• Irritant hand dermatitis. This condition affects people that are exposed to harsh soaps, and whose hands are often wet.

Managing Eczema

It has been found that eczema can be exacerbated by having water with a high pH level, so it is a good idea to keep regular checks on the water in your area. If the pH could be the root of your skin condition, speak to a local plumber about fitting a neutralizer filter to your home water supply.

Herbal Salve

Ora’s Skin Healing Lotion is your best shot at helping soothe the symptoms of eczema. While helping immensely with dermatitis, it is also great for severe dry patches, scars, and scrapes. All organic ingredients make it unique since it has no added chemicals that make your skin get irritated any further. It contains grapeseed (non-GMO), licorice root, comfrey, calendula, plantain, St. John’s wort, thyme, burdock, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E (non-GMO), and beeswax. To get the best results, it is preferred to use it twice a day in the affected area.

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Calming Lotion with CBD

Palmetto Harmony CALM CBD Lavender Lotion contains 300 mg of cannabidiol and natural calming ingredients to help heal eczema and calm and hydrate the skin.  Cannabidiol (a hemp-derived cannabinoid) in a topical form is a must-have when it comes to managing local inflammations, because, according to the research, it has potential in treating chronic inflammatory skin diseases. This all-natural full spectrum lotion is formulated to reduce itching, nourish the skin and help it heal quickly.

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