What can bring greater pleasure on a cold evening than a cup of hot, aromatic coffee? It's so nice to sit in a warm sweater and sip a warming drink! But what if you are not at home, but somewhere in nature, where there is no coffee machine or boiling water? There is a solution! Thermal mug will keep all the warmth and taste of an invigorating drink for hours. This article reviews five different travel coffee mugs for every taste.

Buyer's guide: How to choose a good travel mug?

  1. Quality. The product may be ideal in appearance and cheap, but low-quality material or even bad tightness won’t give you joy. Check how tightly the lid closes and  there are no leaks. You should also pay attention to the presence of a double wall. These walls form a vacuum that prevents rapid heat transfer keeping your drink warm.
  2. Appearance. It actually is difficult to choose you one and only travel mug - because there are so many of them, made of different materials and painted in so many nice colors. Choose what suits your style or, and that is equally important, will fit perfectly into your car mug holder.
  3. Value for money. Price doesn't necessarily equals quality - unfortunately for us, and even an expensive mug will become a disappointment if it leaks looses heat. Pay attention to quality in the first place. And, you can be sure that any of the 5 mugs that we reviewed today, is of decent quality and is not overpriced.

5 Best Travel Mugs to Buy in 2022

1. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with a Lid (under $10)

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with a Lid

The manufacturer offers us a straight-shaped vacuum bottle. Open it up and voila, you have a full cup and can be used like an ordinary mug. The thermos is available in 380 and 510 milliliters, which makes it very practical. Five colors: black, pink, white, dark blue and dark green, give you the choice to purchase exactly what suits you personally. Despite the external advantages and volume, the walls of the mug are not dense enough, so the heat will be retained for up to 12 hours. But if this is enough time, why not?

2. Bamboo fiber coffee cup (under $10)

Bamboo fiber coffee cup

And for those who care about the environment, there is an eco-friendly cup option. The thermos is made from dense, biodegradable bamboo fiber. This will allow you to make your own, albeit small, contribution to nature conservation. Even though the base material is not iron as usual, the cup does not deform from hot liquids. It has a capacity of 420 ml, which is big enough in comparison to other models, and a straight shape. Such a thermal mug will fit comfortably in your hand and will stand clearly in the car. Small drinking hole reduces evaporation and minimizes the risk of a spill. Three colors and a great price for a quality product.

3. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler 350ml (under $20)

Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

A thermos mug in a minimalistic style is perfect for the office and business trips.  This container is better suited for cold coffee, because the walls are rather thin and there is no vacuum, although the manufacturer assures that the heat will remain for 6-12 hours. The cap fits snugly on the bottle so you don't have to worry about leaking. However, the disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher in comparison to other items in the list. The bottle is also not big, only 350ml.

4. SDGRP Travel Coffee Mug (under $20)

SDGRP Travel Coffee Mug

The super sealed bottle can keep your drink warm for 24 hours or more. Mug capacity is 380 ml. Choose from five colours: for example, classic white and black, or bright pink with a metallic sheen. The simple aesthetic design allows you to take this to the office, outdoors, in your car, wherever you go. The lid and body of the thermos are so strong that even if dropped, the contents will remain intact and safe inside, and the bottle itself will get scratches after a multiple drop. This thermos comes with a lock button that you can switch with a movement of a thumb. The mug also contains stainless steel mesh to block tea leaves - a very convenient feature for tea fans. Moreover, you will be pleased with the great value for money.

5. Sealed Wheat Fiber Double Layer Cup (under $10)

Sealed Wheat Fiber Cup

The incredibly aesthetic design of the thermal mug in pastel colors will provide not only visual enjoyment, but will also keep your coffee hot for almost 24 hours. This double layer thermal mug says "I'm eco" by its wheet fiber look, and it is indeed a biodegradable plastic. You can take it with you even to the office, even to the gym. The 300 ml bottle is easy to carry and the matte surface will keep it from slipping out. The double lid will protect against spills, and the price is fully consistent with the quality. This mug isn't too big, it will fit 300 ml of your favorite drink.

We got acquainted with 5 positions from “the travel coffee mugs” category, considered their advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to your taste and enjoy a coffee drink wherever you are!