Surely this article will be interesting to many of us because where to look for new acquaintances if not on Tinder? The app connects people around the world and helps them find their soulmate.But how exactly do people become a couple?

Naturally, it all starts with the very first phrase. It depends on how much the person will be interested in further communication with you. Just saying hello now won't impress anyone. «What then?» - you may ask. Don’t worry. The list below was created to help you with such an important deal. Enjoy your reading!

Top-10 Tinder openers to use right now

1) 😊H3llo, $weety😊

This phrase can be used just to make an impression of a cute and kind person whose intentions are good. Here you can use different emojis that you like or that will be definitely loved by your mate. Another option is to change letters for numbers or other signs that also look nice. With such an opener, be sure that it will be answered very soon.

2) Hi, you know what is so special about your profile?

This particular phrase can spark interest in your match, so it is a 100% guarantee that you will receive the answer and do it as soon as possible. The idea is to make the person intrigued about his profile and your investigations on it. After such a beginning you can write something sweat and make a compliment to your partner in order to establish good contact between you two.

3) Not sure if you remember me…)

This option is also used to make the person anxious and raise his interest in further conversation. After such a phrase the person will definitely remember you. You can create a fake story or just tell that you just wanted to be noticed. Anyway, it’s a good opener to start a long-term communication.

4) Of course I want to get your number, a strange question tho…

These words can be a good variant for a strong impression. If you don’t like to hesitate and want to be direct with your match, the phrase is just for you. Obviously, the person will understand your sense of humor and will be glad to continue the conversation. Moreover, with such words, you show your intentions that go far beyond just chatting. This can be relevant sometimes, especially with girls.

5) Gif + Me trying to write first with no idea what to say

A variant with a gif is very popular nowadays. It will make the atmosphere more relaxing and of course, it's a good way to demonstrate your sense of humor. What is more, the mem can become the object of your further conversation. So hilarious things are the best option to study the personality of your match.

6) Truth or dare?

Sometimes people are getting bored with classic introductions. So the offer to play some games can be a good idea to try. Thus, you will find out all the key aspects about your partner and become more aware of the actions that you can commit or not. On another side, is a great opportunity to reveal your personality and demonstrate how worthy you are. So try it!

7) I’ve had a crush on you for years.

If you want to conquer your match, this plot is the perfect one. It is most appropriate for romantic perspectives as it supposes that you’ve just found a person from your night dreams. The phrase also highlights your subtle nature. Well, if you want to seem more discreet, opt for another opener. This one corresponds to love at first sight.

8) You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

This opener combines both joke and compliment. So, the right thing for the first talk. It will definitely catch the attention of your match and impress him/her in the most positive way. Sometimes, the sense of humor is the thing that is looked for on Tinder. Moreover, the phrase doesn’t sound vulgar or shameful. A slight flirt is just what is needed to start a dialog.

9) - Sad, but you owe me a drink.

- Why? (wait for the answer)

- Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.

This attempt of involving in the conversation looks pretty good. Nevertheless, it is not the simple way of starting a dialog, so your mate will admit it. What is more, it’s a great boost for further chatting as you can start discussing drinks, food, parties, and so on. Try it and see for yourself!

10) - Hey, how did you do that?

- What?

- Look so good?

Here is the other variant of a small-talk opener. But in this case, it is just a cute compliment that will raise the self-esteem of your new mate. The phrase suits more when it is addressed to a girl but still can be an interesting option for females to use. These words will affect any type of personality, for sure.

So here we are with our best tinder opener options for today. Choose any you like or try them all and find out which of them helps you the most! Never forget, that there are no special standards for catching somebody’s attention. Just be natural, act nice, and then you certainly won’t be left by yourself. Good luck!