Being a universal sport, tennis is also an active leisure activity. It strengthens the muscles, keeps the body in good shape and cheers you up. Buying a racket is a serious investment for both a beginner and a professional tennis player. Moreover, the choice might affect the course of the game. A racket for tennis is not a cheap equipment. Therefore, you should pay attention to the brand manufacturer that is quite popular with the consumer. Rackets from well-known companies will not only be comfortable to play, but will also serve the owners for a long time. This article will help you make the right choice.

Best tennis racquets to buy in 2022: top selection

1. Wilson Blade Feel 105 (under $100)

Wilson Blade Feel 105

The rackets of the flagship manufacturer are rightfully considered one of the best in the line of professional sports equipment. The company produces variants for both professionals and amateurs using high-tech materials. This model is made from composite materials for light weight and increased strength. It does not tire during a long game, is not afraid of sharp blows and difficult storage conditions. The comfortable grip handle does not slip even from wet palms. The Wilson Blade Feel is suitable for non-professional tennis players – fans of an aggressive style of play – and beginners. The length without strings – standard 69.2 cm, weight – 275 g.

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2. Babolat Pure Aero Lite (under $200)

Babolat Pure Aero Lite

Sports equipment for tennis, produced by the oldest French company, is a quality label for many global sports stars. The brand’s versatile neutral-balanced rackets are suitable for players of any level. Power, lightness and control are the distinctive features of the models, which allows even beginners to play well. In the production of this racket, the patented Cortex technology was used, which reduces vibration. This provides comfort during intense play and protects the tennis player from fatigue and injuries. The optimized rim design improves the acceleration speed of the racket. The stability of the racket when striking is ensured by the use of the innovative Carbon PLY material. The Babolat Pure Aero Lite is recommended for fans of the defensive play. The length – 68,5 cm, weight – 270 g.

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3. Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Lite (under $150)

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Lite

The company, which has been one of the best manufacturers on the racket market for decades, produces titanium and graphite models with an open string formula for maneuverable and dynamic play.  Such rackets have a low stiffness index, which guarantees comfort and safety during a dynamic game. The use of SpiralFibers technology improves the bounce of the ball and helps to take the difficult serves. The main material of manufacture is graphite, which provides the rackets with the strength and lightness necessary for long-term operation. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Lite will appeal to fans of active play. The racket is good for both training and professional tournaments. The weight of the racket without strings is 280 g, the length is 68.5 cm.

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4. Yonex VCore 100L (under $250)

Yonex VCore 100L

Thanks to the new Aero Trench technology and the improved Aero Fin, the racket has high aerodynamic properties and excellent maneuverability, and it gives even more rotation, in combination with the new Liner Tech string hole system. The Yonex VCore rackets use the company’s proven Namd graphite, which allows you to quickly gain control of the ball. The weight of the rocket without strings is 280 g, the length is 68.5 cm.

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5. Prince Textreme Beast 98 (under $150)

Prince Textreme Beast 98

Textreme is a material made mainly from carbon fibers, which makes products with this technology more durable, allowing for thinner square rims. It gives great control and quick swing. Reduced head size and slightly increased pattern - the perfect combination for control and power. The weight without strings is 305 g, the length is 68.6 cm.

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How to choose a tennis racket?

The approach to choosing a tennis racket for an adult beginner should be complex. The main conclusions regarding the characteristics:

- optimal power-model with a balance in the handle or a balanced center of gravity;

- weight of the racket should be sufficient for practicing strikes, but not excessive for the player to avoid rapid fatigue and hand injuries (240-280 – for boys, girls, women; 280-370 g – for men);

- oversize rackets are preferable.