A tennis bag for women is not just a vital item for every athlete, but also a stylish accessory. The design of the model should be as functional as possible. At the same time, much attention is paid to the appearance of such a bag. Currently, there is a large choice of tennis backpacks and shoulder bags on the market. However, do not forget that the main function of such bags is carrying, protecting sports equipment from damage, moisture and dust. Anyway, models for women are very interesting. Thanks to the color combinations and small cute details, the athlete with the signature tennis bag looks not only fit, but also feminine. This sports accessory with compartments for cosmetics and jewelry will appeal to girls who want to look good in any circumstances. The dynamic design will emphasize strength, agility and activity. Modern models are very comfortable, with adjustable handles, shoulder straps, additional pockets. Let’s talk about top 5 functional tennis bags for women.

1. ProBagel Tennis Bag (under $30)

ProBagel Tennis Bag for Women and Men - for 2 or 3 Tennis Rackets/Racquets, Waterproof Material

Compact, stylish and durable tennis backpack. This model is the choice of those who play tennis infrequently. One or two rackets easily fit inside this bag and there is enough space for water bottles, small tennis accessories and a couple of necessary women’s things. The fittings are reliable, sturdy and comfortable.

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2. Adidas Sport to Street Tote Bag (under $60)

Adidas Sport to Street Tote Bag

The shoulder bag is another type of tennis bags that you can put your tennis equipment in. It is usually the choice for female tennis players due to the colorful variation. But some people also buy this bag as it is easy to carry, can be used for travel and can hold many things inside besides tennis rackets and tennis balls.

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3. Ame & Lulu Game on Tennis Backpack (under $95)

Ame & Lulu Game on Tennis Backpack

The Ame & Lulu Game On tennis backpack is a functional bag inspired by bold fresh color palettes and preppy prints. The outer pocket fits two tennis rackets. Lightweight nylon materials and water-repellent surfaces ensure this tennis bag will withstand even the toughest of handling. There are two outside water bottle pockets and two inside zippered pockets. A very elegant 13" x 10" x 12" bag that is sure to grab the attention of those around you.

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4. HΛWXUNG Tennis Bag (under $40)

HΛWXUNG Large Tennis Backpack for Women to Hold Tennis

It’s a convenient shoulder tennis bag. It’s not about the appearance, but about the practical functionality of this bag, that is, carrying of tennis equipment. Essential elements are dense handles made of high quality materials. They do not fall out of your hands, do not slip off your shoulders at inopportune moments. The bag is made of quality material that will provide protection for your sports equipment. It is always more profitable to purchase a high quality bag once than to choose a new one every six months.

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5. Rockflowerpaper Wimbledon Tennis Racket Racquet Navy Canvas Carryall Tote

Rockflowerpaper Water Resistant Shoulder Bag for Tennis

It’s a capacious shoulder tennis bag. After all, it is better if there is space than the necessary things will not fit in the bag. The rackets will fit completely and will not be damaged. A fun tennis racket print in classic navy blue and white will definitely raise your spirit. The bag is made from 100% sturdy cotton canvas that will serve you for many years.

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Buyer’s guide

1. The size of your tennis racket bag matters! If you have a bag that is too small or too large, it can easily become a problem. Experts advise choosing models that hide the whole racket.

2. The straps and handles should be wide and tight enough. This makes it easy to hold the bag over your shoulder.

3. The material must be durable, waterproof, non-flammable, dirt-repellent. Nylon, polyester, tarpaulin are the best for this.

4. Functionality. The more pockets the better.

5. If you are using public transport or your private car, wear classic shoulder bags. If you ride a bike, the priority should be given to backpacks that allow you to move your arms freely.

6. The tennis bag should be beautiful and harmoniously accentuate your look.