The faucet is a necessary and integral part of any kitchen. Nowadays, choosing a kitchen faucet has become not so an easy task, as the number of options is amazing. Therefore, to help you make the right choice, we have compiled a rating of the best faucets, based on reviews of real buyers. Our recommendations will help you make a choice that meets your requirements and desires.

1. Grohe 32665DC3 Concetto Dual Spray Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet (under $330)

An interesting model for a modern kitchen with a swivel spout, which is convenient to use when washing dishes. The maximum height is 45 centimeters, there is simply nowhere higher. The 35 mm SilkMove ceramic cartridge is corrosion resistant and durable. The chrome-plated StarLight finish protects the brass base from being corroded by hard water. The faucet has a quick installation system, but it is still better to entrust this operation to a specialist: there are subtleties in the installation process. The price is palpable, but you pay for a wide range of functionality and good quality.

Grohe 32665DC3 Concetto Dual Spray Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

2. Hansgrohe 04505800 Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet (under $390)

The Focus model from Hansgrohe is a functional laconic curved single lever mixer that is designed for long-term use. The device was created specifically for the kitchen, the design of this device is based on a ceramic cartridge that will serve for a long time. The solid brass construction is the right decision of the manufacturer, as more and more users prefer practical, durable faucets that will work stably for a long time. The faucet from a reputable brand is designed specifically for washing in the kitchen, looks stylish and minimalistic, suitable for any modern interior.

Hansgrohe 04505800 Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet

3. BLANCO Küchenspüle Kitchen Sink

The German company in our review is represented by the Blanco Küchenspüle Kitchen Sink model. Both externally and in functionality, this comfortable 3-in-1 tap with mixer lever on the right for cold and hot water as well as rotating handle on the left for filtered water is of high quality. Thanks to the 3-in-1 fitting, no additional drilling required for removing filtered water. In black this kitchen faucet looks very stylish and unusual.

BLANCO Küchenspüle Kitchen Sink

4. GROHE 31072000 | Costa Trend Kitchen Tap

Original design and reliable manufacturing materials are the hallmark of the brand, allowing you to enjoy using for many years without maintenance. The manufacturer thoroughly tests its products after manufacture and before shipment, excluding the possibility of defective ones getting on sale. The ergonomically-shaped handles are made of metal, so they are not subject to deformation /breakage under impact and pressure. An additional thermal insulation layer prevents heating when hot water is supplied. There is a marker (blue and red) on each valve.

GROHE 31072000 | Costa Trend Kitchen Tap

5. KLUDI BINGO STAR Vanity EHM with stop limiter chrome (under $310)

The company has been manufacturing sanitary products since 1926. Despite the growth of consumer demand, the company’s factories continue to operate only in Germany, Hungary and Austria. The sellers in the reviews like that the company constantly conducts research in its industry and offers new design and finishing ideas for faucets. The company is classified as the best because of thoughtful technical solutions. The pros of this model are 360-degree rotation of the spout; copper tubes inside; aerators with 24 flow holes.

KLUDI BINGO STAR Vanity EHM with stop limiter chrome

Buyer’s guide

  1. When choosing a kitchen faucet, it is necessary to focus on the overall dimensions and depth of the sink. The faucet should be high enough so that there are no difficulties with collecting water in large pots and other containers, as well as with washing them.
  2. Faucets made of bronze or brass are considered the most durable – they are not affected by water, and they look expensive and luxurious.
  3. Always pay attention to the ergonomics of the faucet and how well it will fit into the kitchen interior and whether it will be combined with the sink and worktop.