If you have recently become parents of a second baby or are still preparing to become one, then you understand that it becomes more difficult to organize a comfortable atmosphere for both children. Your first baby is already growing up and becoming more independent, and the second one still completely needs your constant attention and care. The process of walking also becomes no less difficult, especially if your children have a small age difference. Your first child may get tired of long walks, so he still needs a stroller. But what if you are going to go outside all together? Don't worry! Especially for such cases, a double stroller for a toddler and an infant was invented, which allows you to comfortably accommodate both children and make a place in your house. In this article, we have prepared the best options for double strollers that will make it easier for you to walk and go shopping.

Graco Ready2Grow Double Stroller (under $260)

The leader in the offer of transformers strollers is Graco. It offers a convenient option for walking with two children at once. Depending on your needs and the age of your children, you can choose the seats that are suitable for you. The frame of the stroller is designed in such a way that it allows you to place two babies at once. It can be a toddler and a baby, or you can choose seats for two toddlers at once. If we consider the option for a baby and a toddler, then this model is quite convenient for both children. The infant compartment is located closer to the parent, so it will be convenient for you to monitor everything that happens to your baby along the way. The older child will sit facing the street, as in the classic version of the stroller for the toddler, and explore the world around him. The stroller accommodates two children, up to 50 pounds (ca. 23 kg) in the front seat and 40 pounds (ca. 18 kg) in the back seat.

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Stroller (under $180)

No less practical and technological is the following model of a stroller for a toddler and a baby. The folding stroller from Baby Trend is made of high-quality polyester and is easy to fold, which allows you to save space in your home. The stroller is designed for children of different ages. Thanks to the convenient attachment function of the baby seat for the infant, you can walk with two children at the same time. This model is also suitable for further use, since it also has a special step so that your older child can ride standing on it. A large removable shade canopy will protect your child from harmful UV rays or rain. The main advantage of this option is the high safety of the stroller. Safety is ensured by a 5-point safety belt, a foot-activated double rear parking brake and lockable wheels. A nice bonus for parents is also an indoor parent tray with 2 cup holders.

Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra Stroller

Peg Perego Duette Piroet - Double tandem Stroller (under $800)

The model accepts two Primo Viaggio car seats. The product is also equipped with a special compartment, which is located under the seats so that you can carry the necessary things with you. This option is very convenient for trips to the clinic or store. You can also put children's toys there if you are going to go to the playground. Each seat is equipped with a canopy to make it convenient for your kids to travel in a stroller in any weather. Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension for excellent maneuverability will ensure you a safe walk in any terrain. A great multifunctional option for you and your kids!

Peg Perego Duette Piroet - Double tandem Stroller

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller (under $350)

An incredibly durable and practical stroller from the Chicco brand has also been included in our list of the best double strollers for a toddler and an infant. You can install a cradle for your youngest child behind the seat of the older child. So, you can create a pleasant atmosphere for the child to sleep and be calm for the fact that he feels comfortable. The front seat folds forward and includes a 5-point seat belt, an adjustable canopy and a removable baby tray. A standing platform with comfortable handles and a backrest is another option for moving your older child. Thanks to the convenient and lightweight design, you can easily change the shape of the stroller as your children grow up. The double folding and carrying handle is easily accessible and activated for convenient quick folding.

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

Customizable stroller from Joovy Qool (under $550)

Our latest stroller from Joovy Qool is easy to set up and can be converted from a single stroller to a double or triple, depending on your needs. The aesthetic version of the Melange color will look great in any weather and time of the year. Extra UPF 50 sunshade with a large mesh window will save your kids from extreme heat or insect bites. The real shock is that the stroller has 56 configurations. You can assemble a transformer stroller as you like, add a car seat for the baby and much more. Among the pleasant features of the model are a premium leatherette handle, rubber wheels, extra storage basket, a single-stage parking brake, and a removable bumper.

Joovy Qool Stroller

Now you cannot worry about how to walk, go to the store or clinic with two children at once, who do not have such a big age difference. Depending on your tastes and goals, you can safely choose any of the options of double strollers presented by us and enjoy nature walks with high-quality and reliable products.