By going for this 'old-school' grooming method, you'll not only get the best shave, but you'll also get a whole new appreciation for everyday hygiene routines. Using caution will give you a more controlled approach, transforming your preparations and shave into a ritual where a touch of confidence and peace of mind are important. So, if you're compromising on the efficiency and quality of your shave, it pays to choose your tool carefully.

The most significant advantage of a close shave is its unique quality. Professional shaving skills and precise, sure movements produce perfectly smooth skin. This is in contrast to using a standard razor or power tool, which means that you will never be bothered by irritation, ingrown hairs, redness, etc.

The benefits of using a straight razor also include a number of other factors.

First, it turns a routine process into a kind of meditation, during which you can calm down, gather your thoughts.

Secondly, buying a straight razor is more economical and requires minimal investment in order to be effective. Foam, a hairbrush, and a straightening strap are a fraction of the cost of the specialised tools you'd need with a loom.

Thirdly, a straight razor is also the most environmentally friendly way to shave. In fact, opting for this tool made of natural materials means you can skip the environmentally polluting plastic of which disposable analogues and replacement cartridges are made.

Last but not least, shaving with a shaving tool helps boost self-esteem and can be morally rewarding.

TOP-5 straight razors of 2022

These razors proved to be very comfortable and effective.

1. Titan (under $20)

Titan straight razor

Titan Straight razors are not only chosen by real Chinese men, but also by many in America and Europe. Titan has long been the stuff of legends and stories. Despite the small popularity of the brand, connoisseurs of extreme shaving are very familiar with the company. They have a presentable look, high quality and give a real masculine solidity. All models have a nice and convenient addition - a practical cover made of quality materials that completely eliminates the possibility of accidental cutting.

The handle is made of red Madagascar wood. The steel blade is made of high carbon steel ACRM-2STEEL, an upgraded analogue of the famous Japanese steel grade VG-10, hardness 60 HRC.

2. Magic (under $5)

Magic stainless steel straight razor

Convenient and practical in use shaver. Its halved blade and cleverly designed shaver are ideal for the man who wants to master traditional shaving.
The blade holder is made from a durable stainless steel alloy, which has a positive effect on the life of the shaver, so the shaver will last its owner reliably.
At the same time, the shaver's handle meets modern ergonomic standards so that the shaver retains a high level of maneuverability and comfort while shaving.
Crafted in an elegant black colour with the brand logo, this straight razor is also a great male accessory, which additionally makes shaving more fun, as using stylish tools is always a pleasure.

3. Gold Dollar (under $5)

Gold Dollar classic shaving straight razor

High-quality cold razor made of carbon steel. Factory cut requires some dressing for a closer shave. Comes in a lightweight leatherette pouch.

Great value for money!

4. VICMOVE (under $5)

VICMOVE professional straight razor

This is an affordable straight razor from the Chinese brand, VICMOVE. It's designed to be used with interchangeable blades. The materials are plastic and stainless steel. Razor - foldable. Length - 14 cm. It comes with 10 blades.

5. LORDMANCE (under $5)

LORDMANCE straight razor

Made of steel and plastic. The razor is collapsible. It comes with a pack of 10 spare blades. The length of the razor is 14 centimeters. Based on the reviews, this razor is worth its money.

How to choose a straight razor?

As you know, a razor has several parts: the handle and the blade. It is their characteristics that should be the starting point when choosing the most convenient and comfortable to use attribute.

Let's take a closer look at the different design features:

• The material of the blade: it can be represented by carbon, stainless steel, or Damascus steel. Each option has its own advantages: the first has high softness, the second a strength, while the third combines flexibility and reliability. For a beginner, a carbon steel blade may be the right choice as its softness gives you the best shave while also ensuring safety;

• Blade width: the width of the blade determines the mobility of the tool, its ability to be used in different areas. The good thing about a wide blade is that it has a better rake angle and allows you to shoot more lather without having to rinse. The narrow blade is indispensable when working in areas where access is difficult (moustache shape etc.). When first starting out with a straight razor, a wider or medium blade is the tool of choice;

• The shape of the blade: wedge- or straight-edged, crescent-shaped, or tapered blades are all available on the market. For the beginner, the best solution is the one with the rounded end, which is an extra guarantee for safe use. If you go for a different model, you can always have the head of the razor rounded and leave the work to a specialist. Barbershops commonly use interchangeable blade razors, which have the benefit of offering each customer a separate blade and can be very economical as they do not require constant blade dressing;

• Handle material: when choosing a handle, you should pay attention to its performance, weight, aesthetics, and ergonomics. Whatever it is, you have to feel comfortable in your hand, it should feel comfortable in your hand without getting lost or sinking into it because of its lightness. You can find razors with handles made from a variety of materials, from budget plastic, practical steel, rugged wood to luxurious ivory or animal horn.

Just follow our advice to help you decide which straight razor you want to use, and learn the rules and how to use it quickly.