There are many different knives in the modern world of kitchen utensils. All have different characteristics and features. The most popular type of knife is the utility knife. Such a knife is small and quite light; therefore, it is suitable for most operations in the kitchen, especially for cutting and cutting various products. Cleavers are useful for chopping whole carcasses of poultry or fish, large pieces of meat – frozen or with small bones. Fillet knives are needed for neat cutting of fish, poultry and meat - the slices are thin.

In this article, we'll take a look at the 6 best steak knives and their pros and cons. In addition, at the end of the article, you will find a helpful shopping guide for choosing a meat knife. Knife is an essential tool when it comes to cooking a perfect steak, that's why it is important to make the right choice.

Best meat knives of 2022

6-Inch Butcher Knife with a Case (under $10)

Butcher knife with a case

This butcher knife with a 6-inch (16.3cm) blade looks and feels like a professional tool. It's sharp and will allow you to cut meat and vegetables in perfect slices. Strict design of the knife itself is softened by the charming case with hearts. Besides black color, you can choose between pink, light blue and mottled pink. According to the buyer's reviews, this knife feels very comfortable in your hand. It is also moderately priced (less than $8), so it will definitely be a nice addition to any kitchen.

TRAMONTINA Master meat cutting knife (under $50)

TRAMONTINA meat cutting knife

A professional knife of classic shape created by a Brazilian manufacturer. The knife blade is made of durable carbon steel. A special Brazilian forging technique provides a more durable knife sharpness. The matte surface makes it comfortable to use and does not slip in the hand, even when wet. The steel blade is coated with a layer of antibacterial agent. This will protect your knife from the unpleasant smell of raw meat and prevent the spread of bacteria. The length of the blade is 15.5 cm and the length of the handle is 10 cm, this will provide a comfortable position in the hand. The price of this product is moderate for a sharp knife this size.

Razor Sharp for easy bone cutting (under $20)

High carbon steel kitchen knife for easy bone cutting

High carbon steel kitchen knife for boning, meat, butcher knife, cooking cutter. An unusual knife with a curved blade and handle. It is quite large in size and weight. It looks very impressive and even powerful. The knife has a wide cutting edge. It is very sharp thanks to its special sharpening method. The upper part of the blade serves only an aesthetic role. It is made in a carved ornament. It looks as if little stones were put there and pulled out. Therefore, if you keep it inactive for a long time, then dust can accumulate in these recesses. Rinsing is required before use and the handle has a curved shape. Its possible disadvantage is its small size; an adult may feel uncomfortable holding a knife. Also, protruding iron parts from a wooden frame may cause discomfort. This knife is still a good option for its price, and it is also fancy looking. You can also buy a leather case as additional accessory for this knife (black or brown), for as little as $4.

Damascus chef knife (under $100)

Damascus kitchen chef knife

Very unusual blade design. The Chinese manufacturer pays attention not only to style, but also to quality. For the production of these knives, China purchases foreign materials in order to achieve a high level of quality and strength. These knives are made in 5 stages: blanking, sharpening, creating a handle, assembling and balancing. It takes 67 layers of Damascus VG10 steel steel to create it. The blade and handle are quite large, but the weight is adequate. The product really looks very impressive, but the style of the blade does not inspire confidence. The coating appears to peel off or leave chemicals in food when used. Various forms and lengths of the blade are available, so you can choose one for your needs or purchase the whole set.

Handmade Japanese folding knife (under $10)

Japanese multifunctional folding knife

This isn't exactly a steak knife, but we decided to included as a travel option. It is a portable picnic tool. This knife is an excellent solution for light types of food processing: chopping vegetables and fruits, sausages or soft cheeses. It can easily cope with meat of any roast.  This product is convenient and safe to carry with you. You can wash it and not be afraid that it will rust. All thanks to its folding mechanism and waterproof coating. The blade of this knife will last you several months without sharpening. The knife is sold in 3 styles: black, wood and wood with a metal spring insert. Moreover, they have different sizes. The simple wood and black design is slightly longer in length. Despite the cool design, the knife can be traumatic during use, but as the manufacturer says: «the knife has a good safety." It's reasonably priced for a folding knife.

Everyday 6 steak knife set (under $20)

Everyday 6 steak knife set

Super laconic design that will fit into any interior. Medium stainless steel knife. The product is very light, so you do not need to make an effort to avoid dropping the knife. The knives are made according to English technology and made in China. The beautiful blade with a sharp, wavy edge can easily tackle light, medium or full cooked steaks. The matte finish on the handle will prevent the knife from slipping, but this colour will leave greasy stains. It should be noted that they are intended for eating, not for cooking. This accessory will certainly be a great gift and will help you organize your kitchen. The price is quite reasonable for a set of 6 knives, but this design could cost even more. It's still a great option to buy.

Buyer's guide: How to choose a good steak knife?

Choosing a steak knife is not so easy as it may seem. There are so many different options. One may have an attractive price, another may have a better design but poor functionality. So which one to choose? A good knife is the one that does its job well. Pay attention to these criteria:

  • Sharpness. It should cut well, which means the blade should be sharp and easy to sharpen.
  • The weight.  It will be uncomfortable for you to hold a super heavy knife in your hand, and you will not feel light at all.
  • Design. This isn’t the most important criterion, but it is much more pleasant to cook with a stylish knife.
  • Price. Nobody wants to spend money for something that doesn't meet their expectations. So make sure the quality and design are right for the price.

That's all, happy shopping!