The quality of the tackle depends largely on the reel. That's why choosing the right reel is an essential part of preparing for a fishing trip.

Reels must match the rest of the tackle as much as possible, and you should not put an airplane engine on the "cart" (it will not take off anyway). On light and flexible rods float and some other rods put a small coil, on heavier rods, with long and strong line for heavy and active fishing spinning put the coil of a larger size.

The range of reels is huge, from small wire reels to huge catfish reels and saltwater fishing reels.

The design of the reels is also diverse - from very primitive models to reels capable equipped with an electronic display that shows the approximate size of the caught fish.

In the same general form of spool consists of a body with an axis and rotating on the axis of the drum (bobbin) with handles. The body has a foot to install the reel on the rod, as well as a braking device.

Reels are designed for winding from 30 m to 400 m of fishing line.

Parts of reels are made of plastics, ceramics, graphite and metal (aluminum, anodized duralumin, high-alloy stainless steel, titanium, bronze). Parts are coated with chrome metal, Teflon.

All reels are divided into three types: inertial, non-inertial and multiplier. One or another type of coil is chosen depending on the method of fishing.

TOP-5 Spinning Reels to Buy Right Now

Kastking Sharky III Spinning Reel

Kastking Sharky III Spinning Reel

This is the best fishing reel for pike fishing in the river. The novelty from the Chinese brand belongs to the third series and holds a cord diameter of 0.235 mm in an amount of 200 m. The model is made in a design with shark fins, which are cut out in the body of the bobbin.

Similar attributes are present on a rubber handle. The metal surface is equipped with a repellent coating, so water is instantly discharged.

Yumoshi EF1000-7000 12BB

Yumoshi Metal spinning reel for fishing

This is the best fishing reel for the amateur, which will not overpay, but at the same time will have good functionality on par with professional models. The reel is made in a gold body with an elegant wooden handle, which gives it sophistication.

Fishing reel has a gear ratio of 5.2:1, which speeds up pulling up the prey, five times the turn of the handle.

LINNHUE Baitcasting Reel

LINNHUE Baitcasting Reel

This is the best fishing reel for those fishing on a large pond or from a bridge. The 12 bearings included in the design make it super easy to spin and make long throws.

The rod is suitable for baits up to 40g and can hold a weight of fish up to 8kg. Its gear ratio is one of the highest at 7.2:1 so you can haul your catch up to shore very fast.

GLS 2022 Lightweight Spool

GLS 2022 Lightweight Spool

Another multiplier from a Chinese manufacturer.

The fishing reel is the best for carp fishing due to its 6.3:1 gear ratio to pull up lazy fish quickly.


LEO DWS60 Fly fishing reel

This is the best fishing reel, featuring increased durability due to the manufacturing of aircraft-grade aluminum. The 65mm diameter disc ensures fast winding of the fishing line and keeps its even shape when you unwind it.

The main points to pay attention to when choosing a reel

Spool size and material

Each spool is marked with a number, e.g. 2000 is the size of the bobbin, i.e. its size. Depending on the size of the bobbin, only a certain thickness and length of line may be used with each spool. These values are indicated on the bobbin. For feeder fishing will be enough bobbin size 3000, but by no means less than 2000.

Usually bobbins are made of metal, graphite and plastic. Metal bobbins, such as aluminum bobbins are convenient for braided line (cords), graphite - for fishing line.

It is better not to take plastic bobbins - they are very short-lived. Also, the bobbin can be sprayed with titanium nitrite. It is needed to make the bobbin smooth, without scratches. That certainly increases the life of the line, especially braided line (saving it from premature unraveling).

Choose a reel with a spare bobbin, especially if you fish a variety of ways. It's best if you have one metal bobbin and one graphite bobbin. A spare bobbin is also handy for a quick change in case your line breaks or you need a different diameter of line.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is a measure of the ratio between one full turn of the crank and one full turn of the crank. The gear ratio can be written on the body of the reel as follows: 5.0 : 1, 5.3 : 1, etc.