Soy sauce traditionally comes from Asian cuisine. Now it is used to dress any dish: meat, poultry, seafood, salads. This product is the result of soybean fermentation. Sometimes different spices are added to it: garlic, pepper to enhance the taste. Soy sauce is really good for the body. Due to the high content of vitamins, soybeans, along with beans, can replace meat for any vegetarian. In addition, if you look at the inhabitants of Asia, they really can boast of longevity – isn’t it because they eat healthier than we do? Doctors recommend adding soy to the diet of patients who have suffered a heart attack or have heart problems. Soy is simply essential for the female body: it is able to muffle some hormonal changes and take care of the skin. In this article, we will tell you about the five best soy sauce manufacturers.

1. Kikkoman

Kikkoman soy sauce in dispenser

Kikkoman soy sauces are naturally brewed, which means they are made naturally, which is why they are completely safe and at the same time have an impeccable taste. The aroma is also quite strong and pleasant, and it is reddish-brown in color, as it should be. Due to the special cooking technology, the salt content in soy sauce is significantly reduced. Thanks to this, Kikkoman is suitable for people who should not eat a lot of salt for medical reasons.

The line of soy sauces includes organic, light, classic naturally brewed, gluten-free Tamari sauce, sweet rice sauce, less sodium.

It can be used to dress any dish: from meat to rice. In Japanese, Korean dishes, it will be the finishing touch. Some gourmets prefer to dilute it before using, and this doesn’t make it any less tasty. The composition of this sauce fully meets all safety requirements: it contains no preservatives or artificial colors.

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2. Yamasa

Yamasa soy sauce without preservatives

Famous Japanese manufacturer of one of the best soy sauces. Many gourmets are loyal to this brand because the product is always made according to a traditional formula that has been used for more than almost 400 years. Many restaurant chefs prefer Yamasa soy sauce.

It has a rich taste and a pronounced pleasant aroma, as well as a beautiful deep color with a red tint. All these are signs of a really high-quality product. It can be used both separately and for cooking.

The line of soy sauces includes less salt, Tamari gluten free, soy sashimi sauce, spicy, organic kosher.

There are no preservatives and food colors in the composition, that is, this soy sauce is completely safe.

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3. Kimlan

Kimlan soy sauce - less salty

Natural sauce from Taiwan. There are two varieties. Light is often referred to as “white”. A common product that can be found in almost every kitchen of Taiwan. Able to act as the equivalent of fish sauce in any Taiwan recipe. Dark is divided into two types: less sweet and very sweet, to which more palm sugar is added, due to which it has a syrupy structure.

Excellent taste with less salt added. Contains only water, soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar and no preservatives.

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4. Yamaroku

Yamaroku 4 Years Aged Soy Sauce

The sauce has been produced in a Japanese factory for 150 years. This soy sauce is made using hand-made barrels in which it is fermented and aged for 4 years to produce a rich, complex taste.

The taste of the sauce is smooth and soft, without sharp notes, does not interrupt the taste of the dish, it is recommended for use in sushi, sashimi, fried fish. The soy sauce is completely natural.

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5. La choy

La Choy all purpose soy sauce

A versatile and original sauce, as it goes well with various vegetable and meat dishes, side dishes and soups.

Since the sauce itself is very salty, you do not need to add salt to the dishes. The sauce is suitable for preparing marinades for meat and fish. You can choose gluten-free kosher sauce, light and classic sauces.  According to reviews, this is the best sauce for adding Asian flavor to dishes. A few drops are enough to fully reveal the taste of the dish.

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How to choose a soy sauce

1. First of all, when choosing a sauce, do not buy at a low price. Do not risk it, for sure this is a very low-quality product that was made using dangerous chemicals.

2. Pay attention to the packaging. If the bottle is dark, do not buy it, because you do not know what kind of liquid is poured inside. A good product is always bottled in transparent bottles. The packaging material is also important: only glass, no plastic. A quality sauce cannot be stored in a plastic bottle.

3. Study carefully the list of all the ingredients of the product. Ideally – if the composition contains only soybeans, wheat and salt, but it’s okay if the manufacturer decides to add a little vinegar or sugar.