One of the basic tools of radio amateurs, home craftsmen, and electricians is a soldering iron. This product allows you to connect sections of LED strips, unsolder radio components from boards, repair electrical appliances and do a lot of useful things. To date, there are quite a large range of models with different functionality, the principle of operation and configuration.

So, first let's take a brief look at the best soldering irons worth paying attention to in 2022.

Best Soldering Irons to Buy Right Now

LONOVE Soldering Iron Station Kit (under $50)

LONOVE Soldering Iron Station Kit

The LONOVE 926LED III is an inexpensive, high-quality 60W antistatic soldering station with outstanding performance. The soldering station has excellent performance with high power, high accuracy, wide adjustable temperature range and smart features. The kit is made by LONOVE for beginners and experts and its quality and durability will exceed your expectations compared to other soldering stations of the same class.

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Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics (under $20)

Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

The zippered case and accessories are as advertised, it heats up very quickly, less than 30 seconds from connection to soldering, and the temperature is really adjustable. It generates a lot of heat for tinning 16-gauge stranded copper wire.

The included finger puller works well on soft insulated lamp cord. I haven't tried it on hard insulated wiring in the house.

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X-Tronic 3060-PRO (under $80)

X-Tronic 75W Soldering Iron Station

This soldering iron comes with a complete kit. It has good suction and you can just hang onto it and use your thumb to dump and suck out the molten solder. The simple design makes it easy to use with one hand and a lightweight, compact design.

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Weller WLC100 (under $35)

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

High performance analog soldering station provides temperatures up to 900° F for many soldering projects. Variable power control scale adjusts power from 5W to 40W for accuracy. Quality, lightweight pencil iron with soft foam handle provides increased comfort during long soldering projects.

Includes: a Weller-certified ST3 iron-coated tip for long life and consistent performance, a built-in solder holder to hold the pencil safely, and a cleaning sponge to remove unwanted solder residue for your next use.

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LDK Soldering Iron Kit (under $10)

LDK Basic Soldering Iron Kit

Ceramic technology with internal heating allows the soldering kit to heat up very quickly (within 2 minutes). Different tip shapes make it easy to use the soldering iron for guitar, watches, wiring, mobile devices, computer equipment, small electronic devices, TV capacitors or accessories.

No soldering station needed, just plug and play; adjust the temperature to your needs with the knob wheel on the electronic soldering iron. A professional soldering iron is suitable for basic DIY fixes. It would be very satisfactory for the typical electronics hobbyist, manufacturer, craftsman or DIY repair enthusiast.

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How to choose a soldering iron

A soldering iron is worth choosing depending on what you plan to use it for:

  • For printed circuit boards and microcircuits it is better to choose either a pulse soldering iron or a spiral soldering iron, but not more than 30W.
  • For connecting wires and other wiring jobs a gas or electric model with 60 to 100 watts of power will do.
  • To solder metal parts you need a powerful device (100W or more).

Household electric soldering iron is really indispensable in modern life - even very inexperienced people can use it, the main thing is not to burn themselves with it. But how to choose a soldering iron that is suitable for specific tasks? After all, there are many models on the market, and which of them is the most reliable and convenient, and even to be inexpensive - it is difficult to understand. Below we will tell you how to choose the soldering iron.