Year after year, thousands of people go to the mountains to enjoy a few days of fun in the snow. High speeds are not uncommon, as are the nasty falls. These can be minor, but can also result in life-threatening injuries. Therefore, you need to protect your head with a suitable helmet. In the event of an accident, a snowboard helmet can prevent injuries and in some cases even save lives.

While snowboard helmets are an integral part of the equipment, some adults resist using them. But for some years now, this has been changing: more and more snowboarders see the helmet as a necessary part of their equipment. This is why in this post we have collected the most quality models so that you can find one that suits you best.

Uvex Legend (under $100)

Uvex Snow Sports Helmets

The snowboard helmet from Uvex is called P1us and is available in two sizes. You are also spoiled for choice in terms of color: there are a total of 7 colors to choose from. Thanks to the different sizes, this snowboard helmet is suitable for children, teenagers and adults, thus offers all generations ideal protection on the ski or snowboard slopes.

The Uvex has a headband holder, thanks to which your ski goggles can be fixed directly to the helmet. The ventilation system is closable, so you can regulate and determine the helmet climate yourself.


  • High impact resistance;
  • Lockable ventilation system;
  • Headband holder.


  • No helmet bag.

ALPINA Jump 2.0 (under $250)

ALPINA Jump 2.0 Vm Ski and Snowboard Helmet

According to the manufacturer, the Jump 2.0 helmet has flattened vents, which should provide a better shape. The Run system with the central rotating wheel serves to flexibly adjust the helmet to the shape of the head and to protect the head well in case of falls. The vents are adjustable with a slider and should provide a good helmet climate.

Protection from the cold is provided by the removable ear pads and the neck warmer. The chin strap of the helmet is padded and adjustable. The inner lining can be removed and washed by hand. After drying, the liner is said to be easy to put back in.


  • Goggle strap mount;
  • Good impact protection;
  • Ventilation openings flattened.


  • No helmet bag;
  • No integrated hearing system.

POC Fornix MIPS (under $150)


The POC is one of the higher-priced snowboard helmets in our big comparison. Available in different sizes and 6 colors, kids, teens, and adults will find a model to suit them. Some colors are particularly bold and bright, so you are highly visible on the ski slopes and thus additionally protected.


  • For children, teenagers and adults;
  • Manufactured using the in-mold process;
  • Head fitting system;
  • Good impact protection.


  • No helmet bag included.

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Snowboard Helmet (under $50)

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Snowboard Helmet

This is In-Mold helmet with EPS liner that offers you adjustable ventilation areas on the top, two frontal vents and two rear vents. Through this technology, the airflow runs to the back like a chimney and offers you an ideal head climate. In addition, this system prevents your glasses from fogging up.


  • 3 sizes;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Head fitting system;
  • Good impact protection.


  • None (for this price).

Odoland Snow Helmet (under $70)

Odoland Snow Helmet

According to the manufacturer, the Odoland Snow Helmet offers comprehensive protection and maximum comfort thanks to hardshell technology. With hardshell technology, the helmet consists of an injected outer shell and an EPS inner shell. This combination makes the snowboard helmet impact resistant and absorbs shocks. Equipped with a visor with a lens mirroring, the Odoland reliably reflects infrared rays and offers ideal glare protection in direct sunlight.


  • Visor with mirroring and anti-fog coating;
  • Removable ear pads;
  • Hardshell technology.


  • No headband mount on helmet;
  • No helmet bag.

What to pay attention to when choosing a helmet?

If you pay attention to the following criteria when buying a snowboard helmet, you are sure to find the right model for your needs:

  1. Size. Snowboard helmets are available in different sizes for children, teenagers, women and men. Before you buy a helmet, we recommend that you determine your head circumference with a measuring tape.
  2. Weight. Snowboard helmets made using in-mold technology are relatively light. Hardshell models are slightly heavier, but offer even better protection. If you plan to wear the snowboard helmet for a long time, the weight plays a role: a too heavy helmet can lead to neck pain, back pain and tension.
  3. Snowboard helmets with or without visor. If you choose a snowboard helmet with visor, you usually save the goggles. In the case of ski helmets without visors, the ski goggles are essential because they protect you from snow, sun and other weather conditions.
  4. Ventilation. Too cold or hot head during snowboarding feels very uncomfortable. For this reason, all ski helmets offer a ventilation system that allows you to regulate the helmet climate. The openings can be opened or closed accordingly to make the correct setting for you.
  5. Goggle holder. For snowboard helmets without visor, you should make sure that a goggle holder is integrated on the helmet. The goggles protect your eyes from the sun, wind and other weather conditions. It is important that snowboard goggles and helmet are compatible with each other.
  6. Ear pads. Ear pads on snowboard helmets are extremely useful. They provide you with good protection for your ears in icy temperatures without affecting your hearing. With special hearing aids, you will still perceive your environment well. In some snowboard helmets, the ear pads can be removed. If this flexibility is important to you, you should pay attention to this criterion when buying.

Snowboard helmets are available for children, teenagers, men and women or as unisex models. So you are sure to find one that suits you, and by paying attention to the criteria we desctibed you will do it in no time.