Is your remote broken? This is not a problem, you can buy a smart TV remote control. Each manufacturer produces its own accessories that are compatible with its equipment. It should also be remembered that not all devices of the company can support the remote control, but only some series.

Why Do You Need a Universal Remote Control

The smart remote control has a lot of features and additional functions in comparison to the ordinary remote controls. It does not come with all TV's, but if you want to have some cool features in your remote, then you can buy a smart remote control for the TV additionally. The accessory allows you to move between sections as if you used a computer mouse. The shape of the remote is perfectly matched to the human hand.

Does your TV support voice commands? With the "smart" remote control for the TV, you can search for videos and form queries in the browser using voice commands. Within seconds, you'll find the channels and apps you're interested in.

TOP-5 Smart Remote Controls

Do you like to play games? Some TV remotes will replace your joystick. They allow you to play popular apps on the big screen. Let's take a look at five smart remotes that can become a great add-on to your TV.  

1. Air Mouse G20S

Air Mouse G20S Voice Remote Control

This is a further development of the G10 (S). It is devoid of the main disadvantages that significantly affected the convenience of using the remote control-flat buttons that did not feel tactile, and a dual Home button/Back. There are two modifications to the remote control. The G20 is a version without a gyroscope, i.e. in mouse mode, if needed, the cursor is controlled using the D-pad. The G20S is a version with a gyroscope.

Everything works at once on Nvidia Shield TV, Ugoos AM3 with Android TV firmware, boxes with Android TV firmware based on Minix Neo U9-H, and others. Just connect the receiver and go.


Works with almost everything;




Version with a gyroscope costs more.

2. Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S Smart Remote Control

The first impression, is it definitely from the TV? Convenient, and most importantly – a sensitive control panel. There are no channel buttons on it, but only roundels and 7 buttons. And how can I use it? But when using it, you constantly catch yourself thinking that this amount is quite enough, and even now only a couple of them are actively used.

This device transmits the signal via Bluetooth. This allows you to control the TV even from the next room, not to mention that it is not necessary to direct it to the TV. Imagine a frosty, winter evening, wrapped in a warm blanket, and enjoying watching TV. The room has a romantic atmosphere. And if you want to change the channel or turn the volume down, you only need to move your finger, and not pull your hand out from under the warm blanket and point the remote control at the TV.



No unnecessary buttons.


Only for Xiaomi TV Box.

3. Air Mouse G10 Pro

Air Mouse G10 Pro Smart Remote Control

The remote control has a relatively small weight, which is 46 grams without batteries and 60 grams with batteries. Please note that the weight of the battery may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

To use the remote control at night or in low-light conditions, it has engraved buttons, as well as an unobtrusive white backlight that turns on by briefly pressing the button with the light bulb icon. The backlight can be turned off by pressing again, or it turns off automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity.

In the upper part of the remote control, there is an LED indicator that lights up red when you press any of the buttons, and when the backlight is turned on, it signals white. The last indication is quite important, because in daylight conditions, the backlight is not visible, and the indicator is visible under almost any conditions, so you can save battery power in case of accidental switching on of the backlight.



Turns off automatically;



Flat buttons.

4. Air Mouse G10

Air Mouse G10

The G10 remote is a novelty in the world of remote controls, with support for voice control (it has a built-in microphone) and a programmable off button. Remote control with support for "Google Voice Search" and "Google Voice Assistant". On the “Power " button, you can program any function from any IR remote control. It is convenient to copy the command to turn on / off the android console. Finally, this annoying problem is solved and the remote control, which comes with the console, can be put in a box and forget about it.

The voice search function may not work with all models of smart set-top boxes. To use it, you need to download the program "Google” and "Google assistant".


Voice assistant;

IR remote control.


Voice assistant needs to be downloaded.

5. XMRM-006

XMRM-006 Smart Remote Control

Remote control (model XMRM-006) connects via Bluetooth. High-quality, beautiful, and simple remote control. There are two buttons to quickly launch Netflix and Prime Video. Soft-touch coated buttons. There are versions where the remote control has plastic buttons.

Using the remote control is simple and pleasant. You do not need direct visibility of the set-top box, since the connection is via Bluetooth. The remote control works within a radius of 10 meters.


Netflix and Prime Video buttons;

Simple design;

10 meters working distance.


You can accidentally buy a version with plastic buttons.