Do you want to optimize your interior with an accessory that is both functional and design? The sliding door is an excellent solution. It is ideal for furnishing any interior. In addition to saving space, it adds a touch of modernity and elegance to the interior design.

Moreover, this item is available in different models. In this guide, we present the most relevant models of the moment, such as Sartodoors Modern double glass door cabinet, which is both sturdy and easy to maintain, and Oriental Furniture 7 foot Eudes Shoji, which is both attractive and highly functional. This sliding door is easy to install.

The 5 Best Sliding Doors in 2022

Would you like the sliding door? Make your choice among the different models on the market. To optimize its effect, you need to find the model adapted to your space. If you're wondering how to choose the best sliding doors for 2022, we've selected a few models with features that might interest you.

1. Sartodoors Double Glass Door Cabinet

Today's trade offers a wide range of sliding doors. As a result, it sometimes becomes challenging to find the right model for everyone's needs and budget. It is reasonable to ask yourself which is the best sliding door on the market. If performance and elegance are your main criteria, this model is what you need.

Composed of pocket frames and two 6.5 mm opaque glass panels, this sliding door makes it easy to create a space. It is sound, stain and scratch-resistant.

Made of solid pine with honeycomb, this steel track sliding door is both environmentally friendly and durable. Its thickness of 3.8 cm is optimal enough to offer great opacity and good separation between the different rooms. It is equipped with hooks, handles and floor guides for comfortable handling.


  • Durability: Longevity and robustness are the main characteristics of this model.
  • Easy to install: Practical and handy, this sliding door makes daily life easier since it is easy to clean and resists to scratches and stains.
  • Design: Noble and modern, it will integrate your decor with elegance. The simplicity of its design allows you to arrange it in any space.


  • Price: On the budget side, if you haven't budgeted a considerable amount of money in the purchase of your door, you will have to turn to another model.

2. Oriental Furniture 7 feet Tall Eudes Shoji

Although sliding doors are currently accessible to everyone, the perfect model has yet to be found. Oriental Furniture is certainly the best brand of sliding doors on the market. It offers aesthetic and easy to handle models, such as the 7 feet Tall Eudes Shoji Door kit.

This sliding door is an exciting alternative. It fits all styles of decoration. The simplicity and modernity of its design give it a safe side that facilitates its integration into a room.

On the other hand, it correctly filters the light improving the brightness. Very functional, this article allows you to create various compartments to enhance your storage space.

Durable and resistant, this 86 cm high sliding door is designed to accompany you year after year. It is wide enough to cover an important dimension. Regarding the installation, each element is carefully worked to ensure a simple and fast assembly.


  • Comfort of use: Handy and practical, this item has the characteristics of a quality model due to its ability to optimize the light in the room and cover a large area.
  • Easy to install: This model is composed of various elements to be assembled. It is easy to install: This model is comprised of multiple components that need to be collected. Simply follow the instructions to install it in your home.
  • Design: To arrange a space while magnifying it, this honey-coloured sliding door will certainly please you.


  • Weight: Weighing approximately 42.2 kg, it is not easy to transport it inside, sometimes complicating its assembly.

3. Sartodoors Double sliding door with tracks

How can I buy a better value sliding door? You must check that the model's features match its price perfectly.

In the range of high-quality sliding doors, this model from Sartodoors will impress you with its functionality, unique design and ease of use.

Constructed of durable, easy-to-maintain components, this double sliding door on a track stands out for its practicality. It consists of two-door slabs, four hangers with wheels, four-door stops and two 6.6 ft. steel rails. To facilitate its layout and assembly, this model is supplied with all the screws needed to secure it.

In addition, two-floor guides, two anti-jump pins and 5 brackets are included. Its futuristic design allows it to easily fit into all types of decorations.


  • Functionality: Customizable, you can modify each element composing this sliding door to adapt it to your needs.
  • Easy to install: This product excels in all aspects of performance.
  • Aesthetics: Design, it will allow you to add a personal touch to your interior decoration while bringing it up to date.


  • Weight: Made of solid pine, this equipment is quite heavy. Therefore, it is not easy to move.

4. Sartodoors Triple Sliding Door Barn

The market offers many models adapted to the design of each room. If you are unsure which sliding door to choose, we recommend that you take a look at the products offered by the Sartodoors brand, especially its triple sliding barn door with 4.3 m track.

Versatile and functional, it is perfect for furnishing and saving space. Thanks to its sturdy construction and the robust material used in its manufacture, 3.8 cm thick solid pine with environmentally friendly veneer, this model promises you a long service life.

It has three stain and scratch-resistant frosted glass doors, black steel rails with drilled holes. Like all high-quality models, this sliding barn door is equipped with floor guides, hangers, jump pins and door stops. Easy to install, it comes with a mounting kit.


  • Customizable: You can order a custom model from the brand.
  • Practicality: Versatile, this sliding door is ideal as a cupboard door or barn door.
  • Aesthetic: To give a decorative touch to your interior, its classic yet modern design is ideal. It fits any interior.


  • Price: The only drawback of this equipment is its cost. Unlike the other models in our comparison, it requires a fairly large budget.

5. Sartodoors Planum 0010 Set of 2 sliding doors

Where to buy a new sliding door? To find a model in your price range, consider making a comparison of the different models on the market. If you lack expertise, here is an attractive model from Sartodoors.

This wooden sliding door is perfect for tidying up your interior and optimizing your space. It glides perfectly from side to side thanks to the double aluminum track.

The handle finish guarantees comfortable operation. Its stable and robust structure is a guarantee of the quality of this article. It saves you time and energy as it does not require frequent maintenance or painting.

In addition, this wardrobe sliding door is highly resistant to scratches and stains. It includes 2 black doors, 4 hangers, 2 handles and all the necessary elements for easy installation and comfortable use.


  • Easy to handle: Its double rail allows it to be easily slid in and out, allowing you to access the different spaces without any problem.
  • Time-saving: All the useful accessories to assemble it are included in the article. Its structure is specially designed to resist stains and scratches.
  • Price: Accessible, this inexpensive sliding door with exceptional qualities is offered at a reasonable cost.


  • Size: Available in several sizes, it is important to carefully choose the size of the model you choose, otherwise, you may end up with a door unsuitable for your interior.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Sliding Door?

The best sliding door is the one that gives you complete satisfaction. This is why it is essential to determine the different characteristics of the model that could suit you. To avoid an unfortunate investment, discover in this buying guide for the best sliding doors the various points to check before going to the checkout.

Models for ease of installation

It is essential to choose the right model for your space and use. There are several sliding doors available on the market that allow you to select the best performing item on the market.

You have the surface-mounted sliding door that is equipped with a sliding system. You can fix it to the floor, ceiling or wall. You can get a rail cover to conceal the exposed rail. This model is also available in more modern and more aesthetic versions that are ideal for enhancing the decoration of the room.

You can also opt for a gala dance sliding door. Its unique feature is that the sliding system is fully integrated into the partition. This means you don't need to cover the track. Its only drawback is that it requires significant renovation work. However, its installation is recommended for renovated or new buildings.

Finally, there is the hidden rail model, whose exceptional design will certainly meet everyone's expectations. It is a natural addition to the decor since the sliding system is located behind the door. Therefore, there is no need to hide it with a trim or to carry out specific work. In principle, the fasteners of this type of door are fixed to the wall. Ask your dealer for advice on which model saws your interior.

The manufacturing materials

Today's market is filled with countless models of sliding doors made of various materials, including glass, PVC, wood and aluminium. Before you buy, determine which one could optimize your comfort and décor. The material used in the manufacturing process greatly influences the design of the sliding door, giving it a classic, modern, etc. style.

If you are looking for a sliding door to elegantly separate several rooms, opt for a glass model. It is ideally suited to enhance any interior with a chic and modern design. Also, this material allows you to optimize the light in the room. For more creativity, you can order a door in sandblasted, frosted or coloured glass.

It can also be interesting to invest in a wooden model for higher opacity. However, prefer melamine sliding doors or MDF fibreboard. You can find them in various colors. Indeed, solid wood is dense and rare. Added to that, it is quite bulky.

You have a small budget, but would you like to treat yourself to a quality model? The PVC sliding door is an excellent option. It is both decorative and practical. You can also opt for an aluminum model. The aluminum sliding door is very trendy at the moment. It appeals to many people because of its clean design.

Dimensions and price

After defining the model and the material, you should also think about the dimensions and your budget before you look for the best sliding door to buy. Regardless of the intended use, the standard size is 73 cm wide and 204 cm high. However, it is possible to find models measuring 93 cm, 83 cm or 63 cm wide.

To cover a large dimension, you can install two sashes on either side of the opening. If your budget allows it, more comprehensive models adapted to all opportunities are available on the market. A custom-made sliding door is also an attractive solution for people looking for a particular size. As far as thickness is concerned, a wooden sliding door measures 2.5 cm to 5 cm while a glass door is 8 mm thick.

The price of a sliding door varies from model to model. Generally, it differs depending on the type of door and the sliding system. The cost can increase depending on the complexity of the installation and the design of the door. Remember to use a price comparison tool to find the best value for your money.