Whatever business you do, it is always necessary to feel comfortable and confident with it. This is especially true for our hobbies because with their help we can find our pleasure and get positive emotions. Skateboarding is not only one of the most popular hobbies, but also a professional sport. Regardless of whether you are, an amateur or a professional skater, the choice of shoes is very important for both. In this article, we have selected the best options for skateboarding shoes for everybody.

1. Globe men's skateboarding shoes ($95.19 - $186.99)

Globe Men's Skateboarding Shoes

This model is both secure and pretty. The shoes are made of two materials: synthetic and leather. The sole is made of a dense rubber material that has a non-slip coating, which ensures the stability of the foot on the board. There is also an inner sock that serves for the ankle support and the sturdy fixing during the motion activities. The Globe option provides the grip effect when it is necessary. The model is available in different colors and designs.

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2. Globe leather skateboarding shoes ($87.95)

Globe unisex-adult leather skateboarding shoes

Another offer from Globe Company is leather black shoes. This model is made of 100% leather with the exception of the sole. The shoe itself looks fashionable and fits well on the foot. Among the technical characteristics, you can list a strong fixation of the foot during maneuvers, moderate elasticity of the sock. The inner sock is made of three layers, and the sidewalls of the shoe are quite dense, which protects the athlete from damage. A special advantage of this leather version is  the TPR heel stabilizer and EVA midsole.

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3. DVS Men's Comanche Skate Shoe ($60.90 - $110.44)

DVS Men's Comanche Skate Shoe

There is no doubt about the quality of these shoes because this manufacturer has been on the market of sports shoes for more than 20 years. The company's specialization in skateboard shoes guarantees high strength and durability. This model is made of leather and synthetic materials and also has all the necessary characteristics for comfortable and safe skating. The rubber sole of the model is quite thick, which allows you to stay firmly on the heel and provides greater maneuverability.

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4. Etnies Men's Czar Skate Shoe ($53.12 - $74.95)

Etnies Men's Czar Skate Shoe

Our next contender for the title of the best choice of shoes for skateboarding is Etnies skate shoes. Its strengths are that these shoes are as comfortable as possible. The top of the shoes is covered with durable materials made of leather and synthetic materials, and inside the fabric lining creates the most comfortable position of the foot, so that it does not get tired during use. In general, the model looks very stylish and has a wide color palette for every taste.

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5. DC Men's Stag Skate Shoes  ($59.99 - $134.66)

DC Men's Stag Skate Shoes

Well, the right to close our top list remains for this ideal model from DC shoes. There are no issues to be found. This brand has long established itself as one of the best manufacturers of sports sneakers and this model for skateboarding activity isn’t an exception. The peculiarity of this shoe is that the material and design of the sneaker provide good breathability. The shoes allow you to feel the skateboard well and control it without any extra effort.

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That's all we have. Thank you so much for paying attention to our unique selection of the best skateboarding shoes. We hope that one of them will soon become your everyday attribute for practicing your favorite hobby. Good luck!