After a hard day's work, a workout at the gym, or an exhausting trip, we all dream about one thing - to get in the shower as soon as possible. Falling streams of water allow not only to wash, but also to relax, have a real SPA procedure with a massage, or even chromotherapy. All this becomes possible if you buy the right shower head. Below we have collected the top of the best shower heads you can buy.

TOP-5 Shower Heads to Buy Right Now

AQUABAR High-Pressure 48-mode 3-way Shower Spa (under $50)

AQUABAR High-Pressure 48-mode 3-way Shower Spa

You can use the giant 6-way overhead shower and the matching 6-way hand shower separately or together! Choose from 48 flow modes including Rain, Massage, Mist, Pause to save water, and several combination modes. Each showerhead features an advanced 3-zone high-pressure dial with jet clogging protection. The luxurious hand shower with an extra-large 4.3" face, ergonomic anti-slip grip, and high-quality stainless steel hose can be used as a stationary or hand shower.

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AquaCare AS-SEEN-ON-TV High-Pressure 8-Mode Handheld Shower Head (under $50)

AquaCare High-Pressure 8-Mode Handheld Shower Head

Tired of that disgusting soapy foam and dry hair left behind after every shower? With this showerhead, you can clean it all up in seconds from up to 6 feet away without getting in the shower.

Studies show that conventional showerheads are often contaminated with dangerous germs and bacteria that multiply quickly overnight and then get in your face with your morning shower. AquaCare nozzles are made with a revolutionary GermShield antimicrobial material that works 24/7 on a molecular level to protect them from bacterial contamination.

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Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead (under $30)

Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Shower head and Rain Shower Combo

Dual shower heads are the height of luxury in the bathroom, and this option makes them affordable for just about any budget. Each showerhead has five settings for a fully personalized shower. The five-foot hose provides great flexibility, and the entire shower head installs in minutes without any tools.

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WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head - 3 Inch Anti-leak Fixed Showerhead (under $50)

WASSA High-Pressure Anti-leak Fixed Shower Head

Take a deep breath and relax as the water pours over you, then you will feel the water pressure rise. Large water pause force to relieve muscle pain. Large softening rubber jets prevent mineral buildup, easy to remove with your fingers. The showerhead body and bracket mount are made of high-strength ABS engineering-grade plastic. We use stainless steel hose with durable brass connection fittings that won't crack or split.

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Kaqinu High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head (under $100)

Kaqinu High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

Adjustable shower extension fits any showerhead or handheld showerhead. It is made of sturdy brass and allows you to adjust the showerhead to fit your needs.

The chrome-plated TPR front hand shower head and high-level ABS nozzle make it more beautiful and elegant. The water flow regulator can adjust the water pressure to save water every day. And the self-cleaning nozzle makes the showerhead very neat and clean. The 3 spray modes make it more convenient to choose your ideal shower needs. It's perfect for bathing children, washing pets, and cleaning rooms.

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How to choose

Shower heads are made of these materials:

  • Plastic. It is easy to guess that the plastic showerhead - the most budgetary option, but, despite the low cost, such products look very good due to the metalized coating.
  • Metal. If you do not want to change the head after a couple of years, it is better to take a more reliable model. The best option - the product of stainless steel, looks stylish and laconic, serves a very long time.
  • Metal-plastic. These are not so common products, but it is probably a matter of time. Such watering cans combine the advantages of the previous two options. In them, the body is made of plastic, and the "insides" are made of metal;
  • Stone and quartz glass. Such materials are used to make expensive exclusive watering cans. Durability and beauty are the main advantages of such products.

The best option for modern shower specialists call steel and copper showerheads, in terms of price and quality, appearance, durability, and variety.