A significant proportion of the photos posted on social media pages are selfies. In order for such pictures to always be of high quality and collect a lot of likes, they need to be taken using a special device. Taking photos with a selfie stick has long become not only convenient, but also fashionable. This device allows you to hold your smartphone or iPhone at a great distance from your face and capture surrounding objects. When choosing such a device, pay attention to the models of popular brands that have high quality and beautiful appearance.

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1. Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod (under $30)

Portable Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter for iPhone and Android Samsung Smartphone

A model with a maximum load of up to 2.5 kg per seat. This is achieved both by the total weight of the device (235 g) and by a telescopic tube of several sections. The folded length is 40 in, so the selfie stick is not very comfortable to carry in your hands. But the range of the wireless connection can be up to 10 meters. This is the most affordable option if the record length of the selfie stick is important without restrictions on weight or dimensions. The device is notable for the detachable control panel, which has 3 buttons, including for zooming.

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2. DJI OM170 Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal (under $90)

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal with Zoom control

A device whose main function is to create dynamic shots. It provides special motors that completely eliminate the appearance of vibrations during shooting. Another advantage is the presence of the Motion Timelapse function, which will allow you to make high-quality and smooth video recording even in the process of continuous movement. All controls are conveniently located on the stabilizer handle. A special clip will ensure a secure fixation of the smartphone in the accessory. In order to synchronize with the device, it is enough to use the Bluetooth interface.

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3. ZHIYUN Smooth XS Gimbal (under $50)

ZHIYUN Gimbal for iPhone and Samsung Android Smartphones - Compact and Portable Selfie Stick with Smart Tracking

If you need something more advanced than a simple selfie stick, but still relatively affordable and compact, Zhiyun Smooth XS is one of the best selfie sticks. Why the best? So this is something that is more than just stretching your arm. This device can be used as a stabilizer for a smartphone. The only real disadvantage is that it has stabilization on 2 axes, not 3. The rest of the device works fine. There is an application that allows you to track an object/face, control gestures and various shooting modes.

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4. MOZA Mini-S Foldable Smartphone Gimbal stabilizer (under $80)

MOZA Mini-S Foldable Smartphone Gimbal stabilizer with Timelapse, Object Tracking, Zoom, Inception Mode

If you want to go up a notch and don’t mind paying extra, this is the best selfie stick on our list. Moza Mini S comes with a built-in four stage extension rod, the length of which can reach up to 41 cm. But what’s most important is that it’s actually a 3-axis stabilizer. This means that the video clips will be much smoother. The device also has one of the best ergonomic designs we’ve seen, and it can carry a maximum payload of 260 g, which is significant for smartphone stabilizers. The device can be folded to a very compact size that is easy to carry.

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5. GoPro 3-Way 2.0 (GoPro Official Mount) - under $70

GoPro 3-Way 2.0 - Camera Grip| Tripod| Extension Arm, GoPro Official Mount

Although this GoPro camera mount is not exactly designed for smartphones, we found it a worthy addition. The only downside here is that you will need a converter to mount the phone, but it is cheap and easy to find. You will be rewarded for the extra effort in the form of a versatile folding stick that can take a variety of shapes. This mount is from a trusted brand and even comes with a tripod. It’s unique and functional, not to mention that you can use it with a GoPro camera if you have one.

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Buyer’s guide

1. Price.

Even the most budget model will easily allow you to get the right angle, lengthen the device. But the more expensive the selfie stick is, the more advanced features it will have.

2. Brand.

The manufacturer should be familiar to the buyer, the rating and reviews of other equipment are an important indicator, an indicator of the attitude to work in general.

3. Functions.

If you need special characteristics, you need a more expensive model: these have built-in levels, stabilizers. Remote control is another useful aspect.

4. It is worth taking a closer look at the design: the stick should be attractive, it should be used with pleasure.