Scrubs are special clothing for medical workers, including nurses. Medical wear for nurses was once made from natural cotton, but now they use better and more modern materials – a blend of cotton and polyester fibers. Scrubs for nurses made of special blended fabric are transpiring, comfortable to wear, are easily washed, without losing color, it is quite easy to care for them. Currently, leading designers create many lines of work wear for nurses, which looks very stylish and modern. There is a wide variety of styles of medical clothing in all colors. Our article will help you choose a practical and stylish medical uniform.

Top 5 Best Scrubs For Nurses To Buy In 2022

1. Cherokee (under $50)

Cherokee Scrubs For Nurses

Cherokee has been manufacturing medical clothing since 1972. The brand’s clothing is distinguished by its functionality, special design, comfort and durability of the models. For production, they use high-quality wear-resistant fabric with antibacterial and dirt-repellent properties, retaining its shape and color even after frequent washings.

The Cherokee top is not only comfortable in cut, but also equipped with functional pockets for storing medical instruments and personal things, as well as high-quality garment accessories.

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2. BARCO (under $50)

BARCO Spandex-Stretch Medical Scrub Pant with 3 Pockets

Barco is a popular American manufacturer of LUXE class medical clothing! The company produces uniforms that meet the real needs of the people who wear them. Unique soft fabrics are specially designed for increased comfort, wear resistance and ease of care, rich colors are amazing.

Barco pants are a stylish and modern model of medical trousers. The silhouette is fitted; the trousers are straight at the top and taper from the knee down. The elastic waistband holds the pants at the waist, the volume of the belt is easily adjusted with a drawcord. The model has three pockets.

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3. Dickies (under $30)

Dickies Women's Elastic Waist Scrubs Pant

Strategic Partners Inc. has been producing medical clothing of impeccable quality since 1922. The Dickies brand has been presenting a line of clothing with the most modern technologies. When creating all collections, the designers worked with the doctors, which allowed them to create clothes that optimally combine functionality and style.

The trousers have an original design and a comfortable fit, and more than 20 colors allow you to choose the perfect pants, taking into account personal preferences or corporate colors. The model is equipped with convenient pockets for medical instruments or personal things. The trousers are made of high-quality durable fabric, with dirt-repellent and antibacterial properties.

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4. KOI (under $40)

Koi Women's Scrub Pants

KOI is the world’s first designer medical clothing from the United States. KOI medical clothing combines the latest trends. No more sacrificing comfort for style!

Women’s scrub pants are stylish and comfortable women’s pants of the original cut of twill. They are distinguished by a belt with ties and rubber laces at the bottom of the pants, allowing them to tighten. Thus, you can adjust the pants to suit your height. The model has five pockets. Front pockets are large and interesting shape.

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5. Carhartt (under $40)

Carhartt Cross-Flex Women's Media Scrub Top

Carhartt has been producing work wear since 1889 (Detroit, USA). Carhartt’s work wear features a variety of signature features, such as premium fabrics, durable tailoring, comfortable fit, and large work pockets.

The top is made of a blended elastic fabric (in the perfect proportion (94% Polyester, 6% Spandex), which is stain-resistant, does not wrinkle, is comfortable to the body. The V-neck will make you more feminine, and the deep pockets will be indispensable in the work.

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What should be the scrubs?

  • Comfortable. No details of clothing should interfere with the work. Choose the right size and model.
  • Beautiful. You are a professional, so let your patients know that you love your profession, that you are proud of who you are!
  • Practical. The best choice is a blended fabric with a high cotton content. Such clothes will wash well, dry quickly and last for many years.