Protective glass, unlike, for example, films, is able to protect your smartphone screen from damage. They are made of tempered glass, consist of 5 different layers, and during the fall take the brunt of the impact.

This rating compiles the most popular and reliable companies that offer the best glass at the best prices. Products may differ in terms of performance, size, shape, and cost, but you can find the right model from almost every manufacturer.

Prices in specialty stores for gadget accessories are always quite overpriced, despite the fact that almost all glass comes from China in one way or another. The bonus of buying online is that you can study any product up and down, consider the reviews and make sure of the reliability of the product before you buy it.

TOP-5 screen protectors for Xiaomi


VGCJOK screen protector for Xiaomi

The seller offers glass for phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, OnePlus, Huawei, and others with the protection of "200D", "300D", "400D" with a hardness of 9h and 10h. These are just names, which do not detract from the fact that these glasses will provide reliable protection for the entire surface of the screen thanks to technology full-covered. The models offer a perfect fit to the screen, clarity, and smooth rounded ends.


Low prices on everything;

Lots of orders and reviews;

High quality and wide range;

Easy installation of panes.


Possible long delivery time;

Thick glass.


NICOTD tempered glass screen protector for Xiaomi

There are glasses for the most popular Xiaomi models. The number of orders for some models exceeds 65 000, which inspires confidence. If you are still in search of an answer to the question of which glass is better, then take a closer look at this store - there you will find options with the best performance.


Large selection of products;

Glass options for older models;

Low prices for the entire range;

Good quality.


Delays in delivery.


OAPDFE protective tempered glass for Xiaomi

This seller's glasses are distinguished by their modern and even futuristic design, as well as the high quality that can be seen with the naked eye. They all completely cover the screen and have protection from 2.5D to 9D. There are special next-generation liquid adhesive glasses that come with a mini UV lamp and are in huge demand.


High quality and neat appearance;

Adhesive-based glasses with a UV lamp;

Complete package for easy gluing.


Prices for some models are slightly higher than competitors.


RONICAN screen protector for Xiaomi

A young company, but quickly gaining popularity. All - thanks to prices - one of the lowest in the Chinese market, and good quality products. A wide range of products allows you to pick up protection. It is possible to choose both simple glasses and glasses with a high degree of protection - 3D, 6D, and with a hardness of 9-10H. Some consumers note the long delivery time.


Pretty low prices;

Wide range and good quality.


Long delivery time.


GIN CERTIFIED screen protector for Xiaomi

The list of the best Chinese manufacturers of protective glass for smartphones is updated by GIN CERTIFIED store, specializing in the sale of accessories for different models of gadgets. Here you can find both budget glass for the flagship models and simple glasses. The range includes many glasses with "9D" protection, which reliably covers the entire screen and oleophobic coating.


Low prices for the entire assortment;

Large selection of protection even for older models;

Fast delivery.


Average quality.

How to choose a protective glass

When choosing a glass to protect your smartphone screen, we recommend paying attention to the following indicators:

Model of the smartphone

The protective glass is not universal. Each model of glass is designed for a particular model of smartphone/tablet. If you do not pay attention to this point, then as a result you can get into an uncomfortable situation: all strategically important places, like speakers and camera peepholes, can be covered by glass, and therefore actually rendered unusable.


Protective glass can be both with and without frames. This is a matter of taste: someone prefers not to notice the glass and chooses a completely transparent design, and someone the presence of the frame seems quite attractive.

Glass thickness

Almost everything depends on the thickness of the glass: the appearance of the smartphone, and the level of protection. It is worth noting that thick glass, of course, has the maximum level of screen protection, but it increases the size of the smartphone and makes it less attractive. In addition, the thickness of the glass can also affect the responsiveness of the sensor: in practice, it is noted that the thicker the glass, the worse the touch function works, the actions on the display are performed more difficult or with sticking.