The screen is the most vulnerable part of a device, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. Small cracks sometimes grow to the entire screen and the touch fails, or simply the image disappears. To avoid these troubles, you should install a protective glass immediately when you buy a new gadget. Protective glass is now on the market of different types and from different manufacturers. Despite the external similarity in them still there are differences. Let us dwell on a few of them.

TOP-5 screen protectors for Samsung

These screen protectors have been tested by thousands of customers.

1. Pbltc UV Liquid Tempered Glass

Pbltc UV liquid tempered glass for Samsung

Pbltc - protective glass with a fingerprint scanner and the tightest fit, which is achieved by the modern technology of processing the edges. The ultra-thin product is suitable for Samsung smartphones from the S series. The main feature of the model was protection from UV rays. Due to this it will be convenient to use the phone in the sun, the screen will not fade and will not burn out. In order for the protective glass to cope with its task, it will need to be treated with a special composition and dried under a UV lamp in the process of gluing.


UV protection;

Tight fit on all sides of the display;

Repels water and dirt.


Difficult and time-consuming adhesive process.

2. NAKPOE Tempered Glass

NAKPOE tempered screen protector glass for Samsung

Those who are not ready to give a lot of money for protection, you should pay attention to the products of the brand NAKPOE. He also produces glasses for phones from this brand, but they cost many times cheaper. There are holes for the speaker and front camera, the strength of the protective glass is 9H. Coverage is almost complete, the thickness of the frames - up to 1 mm. The sensor responds quickly, but sometimes the keys are pressed with difficulty. The reviews only have complaints about the speed of delivery.


Virtually no gaps around the edges;

Good transparency and bright colors;

Tight fit to the screen.


Fingerprints remain;

Thickness of protection glass.

3. NILLKIN Glass Screen Protector

NILLKIN glass screen protector for Samsung

The quality of NILLKIN screen protectors is talked about a lot. The glasses are made of premium quality materials shipped from Japan. There are more than 20 options for different models, you can choose the thickness of protection. Another nice advantage of the product was the packaging: it includes all the necessary accessories and instructions. And all the parts of the set are designed in the corporate style of NILLKIN.


Durable Japanese materials;

Protection from scratches, and cracks.


High price.

4. Baseon Tempered Glass

Baseon tempered glass screen protector for Samsung

Baseon offers some of the best protective glass for Samsung. They are quite budget-friendly, suitable for most phones. Thanks to the transparency of 99% and a special treatment of the material, the product does not dampen the brightness of colors, the image on the screen remains saturated and clear.

The manufacturer also promises good sensor responsiveness and no bubbles.


Low cost;

Bright and pleasant colors;

High quality workmanship.


There are 1-2mm gap around the edges;

5. Relaxtoo Satey Glass

Relaxtoo safety glass for Samsung

It can be problematic to find a good protection for your smartphone. Relaxtoo helps to solve this issue quickly by releasing the glass in sets of 2. You can order such a set right away so that you don't have to look for a suitable model for the display later. Also included in the package is an alcohol wipe and degreaser in tubes (2 sets). The glass strength is standard - 9H, the seller promises even gluing without bubbles and 99.9% transparency.


Two pieces in a set;

Durable and small thickness;

Protection against scratches and moisture.


Incomplete screen coverage;

Sometimes bubbles appear.

How to choose a protective glass?

When choosing glass to protect your smartphone screen, we recommend paying attention to the following.

Smartphone model

Protective glass is not universal. Each model of glass is designed for a particular model of smartphone/tablet. If you do not pay attention to this point, then as a result you can get into an uncomfortable situation: all the strategically important places, like speakers and camera peepholes, can be covered by glass, and therefore actually put out of action.


Protective glass can be both with and without frames. This is a matter of taste: some people prefer not to notice the glass and choose a completely transparent design, while others find the frame quite attractive.

Glass thickness

Almost everything depends on the thickness of the glass: the appearance of the smartphone and the level of protection. It is worth noting that thick glass, of course, provides the maximum level of screen protection, but increases the size of the smartphone and makes it less attractive. In addition, the thickness of the glass can also affect the responsiveness of the sensor: in practice, it is noted that the thicker the glass, the worse the touch function works, the actions on the display are performed more difficult or with sticking.