The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any apartment or house. Of course, in the modern world, there are many alternatives to home cooking. But there are many people who value their own food. These are true householders and housewives. They want an appetizing smell and harmony to always reign in the house. Coziness in a house depends not only on cleanliness, but also on small details. For example, salt and pepper mills can add comfort and aesthetics to a kitchen, but they can also be too noisy, inconvenient or messy. In this article, you will find reviews of five different salt and pepper mills and a guide for choosing these kitchen appliances.

Top 5 Salt and Pepper Grinders of 2022

1. Nostalgic spice mill

Nostalgic spice mill

The facade of this mill is made according to the canons of the 16th century Ottoman Empire. The mill body is very robust. It is made of an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper; in other words, cast iron. The peppershaker is medium in size, but the weight is quite higher than modern options. The manufacturer blames the heavy material of the façade and the threshing mechanism. Therefore, hold it tight so as not to harm yourself or the surrounding surfaces. This versatile item you can use not only for storing spices, but also as a coffee grinder – it’s your choice. A device in this style will not fit well into the interior of every kitchen. Nevertheless, true connoisseurs of the magnificent century of Turkey will worthily appreciate this option.

2. Wooden pepper and salt mill

Wooden pepper and salt mill

This is the classic version of the pepper mill, to which everyone is already accustomed. This shape was common around 2000, so if you've already updated your kitchen design, then maybe you need something more modern. However, if your kitchen is made in fresh pastel colors, like these mills, then why not?  In terms of ease of use, this product does not have any special features. It is simple: raise it above the dish and twist the movable part left and right. Lifting and holding this small device in your hand will not be difficult. The facade is made of light wood and the mechanism is made of processed metal.

3. Hand mill 2-in-1

Hand mill 2 in 1

The Chinese manufacturer offers a more modern version. Stainless steel is much stronger than wood and defects such as scratches or dents won't be visible for much longer. It may not be the most stylish option, but this design will fit into any kitchen. Clear glass parts immediately increase the visual value. The main advantage of this product is that you can grind two spices at the same time. Reliable lids protect spices even from the smallest breakouts. Also the seller assures us of the environmental friendliness of this product. This mill allows you to adjust the size of the crushed particles. However, it cannot grind coarsely ground spices.

4. Pepper grinder

Electric Pepper grinder

Let’s consider a different mill format. Its mechanism consists not in the rotation of the mechanism, but in pressing the button. This way, you use only one hand, while the other can stir the dish. The product is available in three models: 1 - sharp blades as the main mechanism, 2 - a metal jaw with teeth, similar to a drill, 3 - a conventional nozzle for a mill. The mill is made of stainless steel and covered with safe acrylic. The size of the product is slightly larger than average, but it doesn't make it difficult to use. The design is only suitable for visible storage if your kitchen is dominated by metallic and silver colors. Moreover, it is better to have a stand for the mill, because the kit does not include a cover that would protect against small spills.

5. Electric Spice Mill by XIAOMI

XIAOMI Electric Spice Mill

The innovative electric mill model is a real culinary assistant. The laconic design and absolute ease of use give a huge advantage over other options. Pour the desired product into the compartment, close the lid, and all that remains is to press the button. The mill itself will grind the contents and sprinkle on your dish. This is not the familiar mechanism, so first you should adapt. You can choose white or matte black according to your preference. The cylinder shape fits comfortably in the hand. However, you should handle it carefully to avoid major breakdowns. It is still electronics. Of the additional elements, only batteries are needed. The mechanism is assembled so that even a cover is not required.

Buyer's guide: how to choose salt and pepper mills?

So what it is that should you look out for when buying pepper and salt mills?

  • Quality. Before purchasing, consider how well the case and movement are assembled. Will it last you a long time or will it break in a month?
  • Material. Let it be stainless steel or finished wood. The material should not have a bad smell. If you are not sure about this, then look at other models.
  • Appearance. Everyone will enjoy cooking with beautiful tools. Let your mill be made of quality materials and fit into your kitchen interior.
  • Function / price ratio. There are options that have one function and cost much more than the cost price. For example, the last mill on our list. The device has five grinding levels and is worthy of its value.