Thanks to the diligence of experts around the world, every user today have access to a huge variety of gardening and gardening tool options, which can be both automatic and mechanical. As they say, each owner chooses the best option for themselves. In this article, you will learn what is a mechanical lawnmower, which is better, and what to pay attention to when choosing the ideal option.

Each of us is a bit of an aesthete because surely like to watch the interesting appearance of a beautiful lawn, on which the grass grows evenly. No one likes the view of a house that is overgrown with tall grass or shrubs of an ugly appearance, moreover, many of us will simply resent the carelessness of such an owner. When it comes to the cottage - here all is also clear, the grass simply prevents the development and growth of important field plants, if we do not get rid of it in time - the result will not be comforting.

Below we have collected the 5 best lawn mowers that you can buy in 2022.

TOP-5 reel mowers to buy right now

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower (under $100)

American Lawn Mower Company 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

This is a mechanical lawn mower that will cut grass up to 4 inches high. It is easy to assemble and easy to use. The mower blades can be adjusted so they can help cut the grass to the length you want. It has a strong but comfortable soft-grip handle for a perfect balance between grip and comfort. This gas-free lawnmower is considered a convenient and sensible choice for the planet because it does not emit carbon dioxide. You can leave about the cord, fumes, oil, fuel, and noise of gas-powered gas mowers. In case you need a maneuverable lawnmower that stands out for its lightweight and low operating costs, a 14" South American lawnmower with 4 blades and a lawnmower reel is a great choice for you.


  • Small;
  • Great for regular mowing;
  • Cheap.


  • Not good for long and wet grass.
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Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower (under $200)

Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower

This mower is armed with avant-garde technology that guarantees best-in-class cutting performance - no gas, oil, charging or cords required. This advanced system is 60 percent easier to use than other reel mowers and has twice the cutting capacity of conventional systems. In addition, the StaySharp cutting system eliminates the cost and inconvenience of sharpening blades manually. Cutting height has the ability to be simply adjusted from 1-4 inches, inset wheels provide ultra-tight edging, and one-touch handle height adjustment increases convenience and control. Not to mention, the reversible blade of grass has the ability to be positioned to orient the clippings forward, away from your feet, or backward and downward, making it easier to mow tight areas and limit messes.


  • StaySharp cutting system;
  • 18 inches cutting width;
  • Low noise level.


  • High price.
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Snow Joe MJ500M 16 inch Manual Reel Mower w/Grass Catcher (under $100)

Snow Joe Manual Reel Mower with Grass Catcher

Not the slightest foul gas; elementally easy to use, lightweight, maneuverable and economical push-bar mower. This mower with a grass catcher box simply handles rigorous lawns and guarantees a silent conclusion for all lawns. The MJ500M comes with a comfortable rear collection bag that is sure to help keep your yard clean and tidy. Powered by you, the Sun Joe MJ500M contains a 16-inch wide cutting path with a 4-way height adjustment lever.


  • Low price;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Low noise level.


  • No good for long grass.
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Earthwise 1715-16EW 16-Inch 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower (under $150)

Earthwise 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

This reel mower motor-less yard tool maintains the health of your grass by its precise scissor-cut action. It is a low maintenance lawnmower with a classic design and modern features. This mower has smooth-spinning blades with easy-roll wheels for effortless mowing. This is an earth-conscious yard maintenance tool that also keeps your lawn healthy.


  • Precise cutting;
  • Lightweight;
  • Large wheels.


  • Not ideal for slopes.
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Sun Joe 24V-CRLM15 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Push Reel Mower w/Rear Collection Bag (under $250)

Sun Joe Cordless Push Reel Mower with Grass Collection Bag

Lawn mowing equipment manufactured by Sun Joe is popular because of the durability and reliability these machines offer. The same is the case with this 24V-CRLM15 reel mower. It is easy to use, and you can mow your lawn with ease. The wheels are big enough to run on any type of terrain, even the sloppiest ones.


  • Durable steel alloy blade;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy assembling process.


  • Blades need timely sharpening.
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Criteria for selecting a high-quality and functional mover

Important characteristics that should meet the mechanical lawnmower (tell the reviews), will be its performance, size, and configuration of the blades, as well as the volume and shape of the grass catcher (when it is available). When buying a lawnmower, what to choose and experienced seller, competent in this matter, but the buyer himself must be clear — if the area of land and the configuration of vegetation is significant, the choice of equipment is, with high power, and therefore — and productivity.

In order that the processing time of a certain territory was minimal, it is worth choosing a unit with long, sharp knives. The fact is that the manual lawnmower (analyzing the reviews) is much faster to cope with the task when equipped with large knives - this is understandable, because then at one time it will cut a larger amount of grass. If you want to save time on the collection of mowed vegetation, you should pay attention to the presence of the grass collector, however, in terms of using a mechanical version - you can not get rid of the mowed residues completely because they will fly in different directions. However, a grass catcher box can help, but it is worth taking the one with a much larger volume.