The casino game industry is not just a boys' club, although its loudest trolls try to convince everyone of that. the female presence in the video game world is growing, and more female players are needed to discover real talent among them.

Lady Luck HQ

“Lady Luck” is the name of Miran Maric’s YouTube channel who plays with his wife for several years. After getting positive feedback on their videos, they made a decision to create their own Youtube channel under the name of “Lady Luck HQ”. Afterwards, they hit a jackpot with a video winning $18.088. So who did they do that? That is not a secret. They just played a Rio Dreams machine at Wynn Las Vegas.

Queen of Slot

Queen Slot - that is the name of Danielle Aragon. Who is he? He is an American enthusiast YouTube blogger. Danielle is known for his delicate personality and honest approach to slot machine gaming. Danielle hit the jackpot with the number of $50.145 at a Quick Hit Slot slot machine with the maximum bet which turned out to be quite popular very quickly.


Another quite popular YouTuber from Toronto, Ontario is Sarah Ellen who knows as Slot Lady. On YouTube, she has over 190.000 subscribers. She is a mature casino streamer. Moreover, she is a real businesswoman with her personal commodity and brand collaborations. So what casino games does she stream? Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Ultimate Texas Holdem - these are the casino games Sarah Ellen streams.


Dianaevoni or simply known as Diana is a real motivator and enthusiastic female gambler. Her successful career started back in 2011. Since April 2022, she has 72.5K subscribers and over 60 million views. She travels from her home in Reno to different casinos in order to rate $25 bets on high limit and coin slot machines.