The starting lineup of peripherals for the PlayStation 5 is not very large, but it definitely surpasses its predecessor at the time of its launch. The first in the peripheral line is the next-generation controller, the wireless DualSense gamepad, which retains the traditional "horned" design. Available in black and white (a palette to be expanded upon release), it features a new palpable vibration feedback system that won't just hit the player's fingers, but also adjusts to the rhythm and events on the screen, providing greater engagement.

TOP-5 PlayStation 5 accessories of 2022

Accessories for the PS5 - things you can do without, but having them will significantly increase the comfort and quality of your time spent with the system PlayStation 5.

1. DualSense PS5 silicone case

DualSense PS5 silicone case

This silicone case for PlayStation DualSense gamepad is made of lightweight and pleasant to the touch silicone material. Protects the controller from shocks and accidental slipping out of your hands.

Rugged and soft silicone material reliably protects your gamepad from mechanical damage. The pouch was designed specifically for PS5 controller DualSense, so it does not cover the USB-ports and other controls. The pouch is quickly installed on the controller and also quickly removed. If it gets dirty, you can wash it with plain water to bring it back to its original form.


Protects from scratches;




Wears off over time.

2. DualSense PS5 Charging Station

DualSense PS5 Charging Station

Stay in the game and always have another controller at the ready with the DualSense Charging Station. Charge up to two DualSense5 wireless controllers in one motion thanks to the locking design of the charging station. The controllers charge as fast as they do when connected to the PS5 console, so you can now do without USB connectors without sacrificing charging speed.

The two charge and discharge indicators, red and green, are easy to understand. Nice appearance and convenient placement.


Charge 2 controllers at the same time;

Low standby power consumption;

PS5 compatible.


Charging not faster than from the console.

3. Stick attachments for PlayStation 5

Stick attachments for PlayStation 5

In shooters on the PlayStation 5, players go to great lengths to gain an advantage over enemies. Avid gamers should pay attention to the special pads for analog sticks, located on the gamepad DualSense.

Additional silicone pad can be easily attached to the stick and offers extra durability. According to the creators, the heavy-duty material will not deform or wear out. Moreover, accessories are firmly fixed and don't fly off the joysticks even during intensive firefights.

Special polymer attachments are designed for players who are not used to losing. They increase the height of analog joysticks, due to which the range of motion increases by 36%. You'll be able to target enemies' heads more effectively, pass corners in races with ease, and twist opponents in sports games with feints.


Easy to attach;

Does not deform or wear out;

PS5 compatible.


Not for all kinds of fingers.

4. PS5 console case

PS5 console case

Perfect for the PS5 console (standing position). The case is made of washable nylon, and the inside of the case is double-layered and lined with a soft lining that can protect your console from scratches. The precise cut provides easy access to the cable port.


High-quality materials;

Easy to put on;

Protects your console from scratches.


Only for standing position.

5. Remote control case

PS5 Remote control case

Made of high-quality silicone material, soft and smooth. Effectively protects your controller from scratches, dirt, and grease. Easy to install and remove, full edge protection, avoid scratches in your daily life. The anti-slip and anti-shock surface gives a good hand feel and improves the use.


High-quality silicone;

Protects from scratches and dirt.


A limited number of colors.

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