A pillow is one of the main attributes for a good and healthy sleep, and you need to choose it responsibly. If at a young age, we are a little puzzled by the question of choosing a high-quality pillow, then after 30 years, when many chronic diseases begin to appear, the health of your vertebral column, neck and head will largely depend on which pillow you will use. If, after waking up, you feel fatigued, tired, have a headache and a feeling of stiffness in the neck, it may be because of incorrectly selected pillows. One of the best buys in this case will be an orthopedic pillow that helps to maintain the anatomically correct position of the spine throughout the night’s sleep. The choice of such pillows is huge, so we suggest that you study our rating of orthopedic pillows in order to purchase a really high-quality product that has therapeutic and prophylactic properties.

1. Memory Foam Pillow (under $50)

Memory Foam Pillow

Pillows made of modified polyurethane foam are the most popular in the market of orthopedic products today, although disputes about their harm and benefits do not subside, and experts still can not come to a consensus.

This pillow combines all the standard advantages of orthopedic pillows (high-quality support of the cervical vertebrae, relieving tension in the neck and back of the head, normalizing blood circulation), while it has a rather attractive price. Its natural material rarely causes allergies, has no smell and is not a breeding ground for mites and microbes.

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2. 100 % Talalay Latex Pillows (under $100)

100% Talalay Latex Pillow

Natural latex is a versatile pillow material, which quickly regains its shape and provides high-quality support for the spine and the muscular system. The pillows made of this material are durable and resistant to deformation, but they have increased rigidity, which must be taken into account when choosing a suitable model.

This is a high-quality pillow of standard shape and size. It is suitable for broad-shouldered people, as well as those who are overweight. The model has a perforated structure that allows air to pass freely, so the head with such a pillow will not sweat at any time of the year. Its high hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for those who suffer from allergic diseases and have an increased sensitivity to odors.

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3. Organic Buckwheat Pillow (under $50)

Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows are 100 % natural and eco-friendly products that provide quality and healthy sleep and have a light soothing effect due to a weak buckwheat smell. It takes a little longer to get used to such pillows than to models made of polyester or latex, but most buyers agree that such pillows are very comfortable for any age.

Buckwheat husk has a pronounced antibacterial effect, since bacteria and parasites do not grow in it due to the lack of a nutrient medium. Buckwheat pillows also do not accumulate dust (prevention of dust mites), have increased hygienic properties and provide a light massage effect, helping to fight wrinkles in the face and neck.

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4. 100 % Bamboo Pillow Inside & Out (under $50)

100% Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo is a natural raw material for the production of pillows, blankets and other accessories for sleeping. Such pillows are recommended by therapists for headaches, insomnia, circulation problems and other pathological conditions resulting from disorders of circulation in the vessels of the head and neck. They provides good support for the spine. They are pleasant to the touch and give a feeling of coolness in extreme heat. They allow air to pass through due to their porous structure, which allows them to maintain an optimal microclimate. Do not cause allergies and absorb odors and dust. Such pillows are a high-quality and stylish accessory for a luxurious and healthy sleep, which will be appreciated by lovers of all natural things.

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5. YourFacePillow – Anti Wrinkle (under $100)

YourFacePillow Anti wrinkle back & side sleeping pillow

The pillow is specially designed to minimize facial deformity during sleep. Due to its design feature, when sleeping on the pillow, the face is not under the pressure of the body, which minimizes the deformation of the skin, preventing the appearance of sleep wrinkles, morning puffiness and pillow marks on the face. If during sleep you hug a pillow, like to sleep on your side or on your stomach, then, unfortunately, wrinkles will soon appear on your face, and every year they will become more noticeable and deeper. To prevent this process, you just need to change your usual pillow for the innovative anatomical pillow.

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How to choose a good pillow?

  1. Height. For people with a normal body build, pillows with a height of 10 to 14 cm, a length of 40 to 80 cm and a width of no more than 50 cm (but not less than 30 cm) are suitable. Standard sizes of orthopedic pillows, suitable for most buyers, are 40x50 cm.
  2. Double curved design for all sleeping positions. The higher area is designed for sleeping on the back, the lower one is for sleeping on the side.
  3. Elasticity of the material. It is the ability of a material to regain its shape after being pressed. The orthopedic pillow should β€œspring”, that is, push your hands out after pressure on it.
  4. Safe materials.