Why do you need a pill box? During the flu and cold season, as well as for preventive purposes, many people take vitamins or medicines. Their number can be so extensive that the packages take up all the space. In addition, if a person decides to take a medicine, he should take the medicine at a certain time and follow the course. So, it can be difficult to do this, because if you remove the packaging from a prominent place, then you can forget about it. This problem can be easily avoided by using a pill box. A pill box is a special container for storing pills and vitamins. We present you the best pill boxes for 2022.

EZY DOSE Push Button 7Day Pill Medicine Vitamin Organizer Box (under $10)

It is a large pill box for 7 days, 2 compartments per day - morning / night. Each compartment holds 10 large capsules. The peculiarity of this pill box is that it can be divided in half, the black night part is separate, the white one is separate. This is convenient if you want to keep the morning one on the dining table, and the night one on the bedside table if you take something before bedtime. It is not suitable for travel use, since the clasps on the lids can open spontaneously when moving.

EZY DOSE Push Button 7Day Pill Medicine Vitamin Organizer

Invoda Pill Cases Pill Box (under $10)

A bright box in the form of a slice of orange, pomelo or lemon will definitely cheer you up. Inside there are seven compartments for meds. To open the container, click on the button in the center. The pill box is large enough to hold medicines for a week, but it easily fits in a pocket or purse. The necessary medicines will always be at hand. Affordable price and high quality make the product quite popular among buyers.

Pill Box Weekly 3 Times 7 Compartments

DUBSTAR Small Pill Box (under $10)

Lightweight and durable container with four large compartments for a daily dose of medicines or vitamins. The model is durable, lightweight, easy to use, therefore suitable for the elderly. It locks and opens with a secure and simple slot. The plastic from which the pill box is made is durable and safe, without a sharp unpleasant odor. The container is easy to clean under running water using any liquid soap.

DUBSTAR Small Pill Box

Se7en day Weekly Pill Organizer (under $10)

A high-quality model that is suitable for taking medicines 3 times a day. The pill box will help to distribute all the medicines for a week in advance. There are 21 cells in the pill box, and each one is closed with a convenient lid. The lids are easy to open with a light touch, the compartments are roomy and comfortable. Meds are removed without effort and difficulty. Small dimensions make it possible to place the product in a handbag. Made from durable food grade plastic.

Weekly Pill Organizer

Nipichsha Pill Box (under $10)

No one will guess that this small (2.2 x 2.2 x 0.73 inch) round shiny box is actually a pill box. Outwardly, the pill box is more like a powder box. Inside there are three compartments for pills and a small mirror. It holds up to 21 tablets and vitamins. The undoubted plus of this pill box is its waterproofness and moisture-proofness. Nothing will spill out, as the top cover is securely fixed. It is made from durable plastic that withstands frequent use and is resistant to wear.

Nipichsha Pill Box

Buyer’s guide

  1. Material strength. It is better to choose boxes and containers for meds made of polymers or plastic. These products have a durable case and a reliable clasp.
  2. Compactness. Regardless of how the container is used - for home use or travel - it is better to choose a model with small dimensions. Such a product does not take up very much space.
  3. Convenience of design. Pill boxes can have different shapes: square, rectangular, oval, round. The buyer chooses the most convenient option for himself.
  4. Additional functions. Nowadays you can find a variety of pill boxes on sale: from the simplest to advanced, with a timer with a reminder of taking medications, with a glass for water, etc.
  5. Price. A container for medicines can be budget or expensive, the price depends on the functionality of a particular model. Modern high-quality pill boxes are distinguished by an optimal ratio of characteristics and cost.