So that at the most unexpected moment not to be left with empty pockets, you can buy a piggy bank, which will always store money for a rainy day. In this post, we will tell you about some interesting piggy banks you can buy today and how to choose one that suits your needs. Let’s begin!

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank (under $15)

Let the classic piggy bank! Super cute and the same as the one you had as a child, this glazed ceramic piglet will easily keep all the coins in its huge tummy. The sleek and shiny design makes it a great addition to almost any room. The Pearhead ceramic piggy bank is easy to use and has a large coin slot.


  • Classic design;
  • Easily removable rubber stopper for money extraction;
  • Available in four colors.


  • May be smaller than you expect.

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar (under $20)

Don't just save money, but keep an account! This digital coin counter from Lefree will keep track of every penny you deposit. Designed with an LCD screen that provides an accurate display of the total amount, it also allows users to deduct when extracting money. And that's not all - it recognizes all US coins and can store up to 1000 of them.

One of the best piggy banks for adults, it is made of high-quality transparent ABS glass, which means that you can easily track your savings. And unlike ceramic piggy banks, it will not break when falling. Be sure to try it, if your family likes to save, this digital coin counter will not disappoint you.


  • You can add extract money freely;
  • A fun way to store small amounts;
  • Functional and fun;
  • Battery powered.


  • Batteries are not included.

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Younion Digital Piggy Bank (under $25)

Your classic piggy bank with digital and electronic upgrades. In a way, it is a combination of the previous two models.

This compact and cute piggy bank may look minimalistic, but it recognizes and accepts all US coins. The piggy bank is powered by 2 AAA batteries and is easy to use.


  • Made of durable ABS plastic;
  • Lightweight;
  • Convenient unscrewing lid;
  • Available in four colors.


  • Does not always recognize the coin correctly.

Younion Piggy Digital Coin Bank

HmiL-U Panda Stealing Money Bank (under $20)

Watching an adorable panda pick up a coin will make you enjoy money-saving even more. Cute and compact, this mini piggy bank will be a unique gift for all ages, besides it is safe for the environment. And what really makes it funny is the voice function that says "hello" when you place a coin on it, and "thank you" when the panda picks it up.


  • Cute;
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials.


  • Frequent battery replacement may be required;
  • Does not have a sensor to determine that the coins are put in.

HmiL-U Panda Stealing Money Bank

Piggy Bank Safe Box (under $25)

This durable and professional-looking ATM will automatically roll up paper bills. In addition, you will have to enter a password to take the money out, which will ensure that no one will steal it. In addition, to make the experience of users even more authentic, the ATM is equipped with a fingerprint, makes bank sounds, and has an ultraviolet lamp for checking paper bills! And that's not all - it records the last three deposit operations, and also has a built-in voice clock and alarm clock.


  • Motorized bill feeder for depositing money;
  • Voice recording function for extra security;
  • Large capacity;
  • Can be restarted if the bank is faulty;
  • Realistic design.


  • Batteries are not included.

Toy Piggy Bank Safe Box

How to choose a piggy bank?

A piggy bank is a great gift for children and adults. The first can store their pocket money in them, and the second - to save money that will be needed on occasion. The piggy bank is usually associated with a pig, although now in stores you can find models in the form of other animals, jars, and even safes.

Piggy banks can be divided into classic and unusual. The classic category is all containers in the form of cans, chests, and animals. These piggy banks have a slot for coins and paper money. Unusual include piggy banks in interesting shapes or complex devices. For example, there are piggy banks in the form of safes or ATMs - you can "deposit" money and drop coins into them. On such a safe it is even easy to set a password - with buttons or a special handle.

There are piggy banks that collect money in interesting and fun ways, like the panda one we talked about above. These devices are sold not only for money but also for "attributes" of travel: plane and train tickets, and small souvenirs. These piggy banks are sometimes made of glass to look at their contents and enjoy a future trip or reminisce about the past.

Also, piggy banks can be reusable and disposable. You can put money in both, but only the reusable ones can be emptied and then used again. To open such a piggy bank you just have to pull out a special "plug" which is usually located at the bottom. With disposable models, you must break the bank to get the money out of it.

Piggy banks are most often made of ceramic, wood, and plastic. Before buying it you should check the quality of the material - whether there are any chips, cracks, or irregularities. This is especially important if the piggy bank is acquired for children.

In addition, you can find models made of metal and glass. Glass ones are made so that the content could be seen well: it is suitable for travel souvenirs. Metal is usually used in "safe" models.