Fear of the dark is the most common childhood fear. The developed imagination of the child after turning off the light immediately begins to reproduce images of creepy monsters from cartoons and fairy tales in his head. You can overcome this fear by buying a special night light for the baby's room, which gives a soft diffusing light. A night light will also save parents from having to wake up in the middle of the night to take their child to the toilet. It is worth noting that a night light is not only a way to combat the fear of darkness, but also an excellent addition to the interior of a children's room. In this article, we have collected for you the best offers of night lights for children, which are definitely worth buying.

Multicolor smart lamp for kids from Echo Glow (under $30)

Multicolor intelligent lamp for children is the best accessory for a children's room that you can only find. The device can be paired with any device that supports Alexa in order to control the color and brightness of the lamp using voice. For example, you can ask Alexa to start a dance party for a music and light show. You can also create hints in the form of changing the color of the lamp, which will help you count down the time until lunch or set a timer for any activities. This product is a great addition to listening to music or reading a book. From bright shades to soft colors that soothe and prepare the baby for bed, the lamp can change the appearance of a space with the right light.

Echo Glow - Multicolor smart lamp for kids

Soccer Ball LED Night Light (under $10)

If you have a real football player growing up, then there is a great offer especially for you, which every child will definitely like. A night light in the form of a soccer ball will delight your football fan with its design and pleasant light. This long-lasting energy-efficient LED lamp is economically and environmentally friendly, which makes it even more desirable. The manual ON/OFF switch provides easy operation, so your child can turn on and off the night light by himself. Pleasant white light casts a visually attractive glow and makes the room more cozy. A convenient plug allows you to save space for a second device if you use a double outlet. A great option for real football connoisseurs!

Soccer Ball LED Night Light

Universe Night Light Projection Lamp (under $20)

Studying the starry sky is always interesting. Especially when you can see every star. Our next night light includes not only the functions of light, but also the functions of a projector. The product set includes 3 visual tracks that can be seen using a nightlight projector. In addition, the night lamp has 6 lighting modes. Using the button, you can switch these modes between each other. There is also another function to set the brightness of the night light, which is also very convenient. Another advantage is two ways of supplying electricity: 3* AA batteries or USB connection. The product package includes all the necessary accessories necessary for its full use.

Star Night Light for kids

Star and Moon Projector for Bedroom (under $15)

The following model of a night light for a nursery looks attractive as well.  The starry sky  in this particular option is reproduced with the special design of the night lamp. So, before falling asleep, your baby can watch the night sky on his ceiling and walls. Long-lasting LED bulbs do not require replacement and never heat up, which makes the night light safe to the touch for children.  The device is powered by batteries that are not included in the product set. The 30-minute timeout function to save battery life will help parents put their children to bed and not worry that the light is still on for a long time. Continuously flowing and disappearing, the charming night scene creates a serene atmosphere that is perfect for sleeping or relaxing.

Star and Moon Projector for Bedroom

Hatch Rest + children's night light (under $90)

Our latest offer will please any parent, since such a night light can simultaneously be a baby monitor and an alarm clock. This is a great option for children from the first month of their life. This product has many advantages. Firstly, the device is directly connected to your phone application, and you can control the nightlight using your gadget. Secondly, you can choose background music to make your baby fall asleep better. For example, the noise of trees or sea surf. Thirdly, you can select different colors and vary them depending on your mood or the mood of your baby. The baby monitor function allows you to monitor the situation in the nursery when you are in another room. You can also use the night light as an alarm clock. So many functions in one device!

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine

Thus, you may notice that one device, like a night light, can be useful not only when going to bed, but also throughout the day. With the use of a night light, your baby will be able to sleep better and feel in his room, while parents will be sure that their children are happy and calm. Choose the model that you and your child liked and create a unique atmosphere at home!