Just like us, our cats can suffer upset stomachs, leading to diarrhea, or less frequently, constipation. It’s important to note, that while these aren’t generally serious issues if you are concerned or notice blood in your cat’s stool, ring your veterinarian for advice.

When treating a backed-up kitty,  there are a few natural, gentle, and relatively easy at-home remedies for cat constipation that are readily carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Why is my cat constipated?

In cats, as in people, constipation means the animal is unable to empty its bowels, and this condition is typically associated with hard, dry stools that are difficult to pass.

Constipation can absolutely happen in healthy cats because of a poor diet, or from simply being fed a diet that is incompatible with other underlying genetics. Additionally, a cat can become constipated as a result of some medications that are used to treat worms and parasites.

If your cat becomes constipated, consider some of these quick and simple remedies for your uncomfortable companion.

  1. Miralax: Known as a common remedy for human constipation, Miralax can also safely be used to help a backed-up cat. For appropriate feline dosing, simply administer 1/4 teaspoon in your cat’s wet or dry food twice each day until constipation subsides.
  2. Lubricating cat laxative gel: Lubricating feline laxatives are a great option because they work to lubricate the digestive tract, making it possible for your feline to pass the hardened stool. There are a few different brands you can try, but two of the best are Lax’aire and Laxatone. Follow directions on the packaging for best results.
  3. Probiotics: Using probiotics as a regular part of your cat’s diet can help you ensure that they are regularly passing healthy stools. Probiotics can be found in some cat foods these days, such as American Journey and even some formulations of Taste of the Wild for cats and kittens. But if you just want to add a probiotic to your cat’s diet, one great, natural way to do this is to give them flavorless yogurt with live, active cultures once a day or once every other day to ensure a regular flow of good gut bacteria.
  4. Weight management for your cat: overweight and obese cats typically struggle more with constipation. For this reason, feeding your cat a weight management diet can help to stave off constipation and keep kitty regular. Consider brands like Science Diet and Royal Canin for best prescription diets for managing weight in cats.

Another easy-to-use, organic option for cat constipation

Smooth BM Gold is an all-natural remedy for constipation that works for both cats and dogs, so it’s a great thing to have handy in any pet-friendly household. It supports overall colon health and enables soft and regular bowel movements, keeping kitty feeling fine. It’s perfect for ongoing use if that’s what you need, as it is not harsh on your cat’s digestive tract.

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