Mucous Cyst Finger Home Remedy

You’re going about your day and notice a lump on your finger. It’s hard to the touch and seems to not be a mere callus. It could actually be a mucous cyst, which can be a bit annoying, but certainly not something to be immediately alarmed about.

A mucous cyst on the finger is something you can treat, or at least manage, at home with natural means. It’s a symptom of a possible underlying condition as well, so it’s best to address it while you can.

What Is A Mucous Cyst On The Finger?

A mucous cyst, or myxoid cyst, is a small and benign lump on the fingers or toes, usually near a nail. They are usually asymptomatic and the cause is not certain. They tend to be associated with osteoarthritis, and around 64% to 93% of people with the condition have mucous cysts1).

Mucous cysts on the finger tend to occur in people aged between 40 and 70, when they’re most susceptible to conditions like osteoarthritis. However, they can be found in all ages. Also, it seems like women are twice as susceptible to them as men.

Signs And Symptoms Of Mucous Cyst On The Finger

Mucous cysts are usually found on the outermost joint of the finger, near where the nail is. They tend to be visible just underneath the skin, sometimes causing the skin to thin at the top layer. They manifest as a small bump with a hard outer layer and filled with a clear liquid.

A mucous cyst can limit the movement of the joint. Unlike a blister, a mucous cyst is firm to the touch. Most of the time, a mucous cyst isn’t painful most of the time and doesn’t impede daily activity. However, in the event that it does become painful or look like it’s about to rupture, medical assistance is needed to ensure that it doesn’t develop an infection.

Home Remedy For Mucous Cyst On The Finger

The main home remedy for mucous cysts on the finger is daily firm compression on the affected area for the next few weeks. Soaking, massaging, and the use of topical steroids on mucous cysts on the finger have been found to also help2). Meanwhile, puncturing and attempting to drain the cyst will only increase risk of infection.


Fortunately, mucous cysts on the fingers or toes aren’t cancerous, contagious, or in any way serious. They tend to be asymptomatic, although they can be a sign of osteoarthritis in the fingers or toes.

There are surgical and non-surgical treatments available to deal with mucous cysts since recurrence rates tend to be pretty high. Surgical removal does have the most successful results with the least likelihood of recurrence.

Consult with your physician on potential treatments if you find the mucous cyst to be unsightly and painful, as well as to find out whether there are signs of infection.


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