It's hard to deny the benefits of exercise. But what if we make sports even more useful and enjoyable by turning it into a game,  and for participating in it you and your friends not only get bonuses, but earn money, NFT and cryptocurrency? This kind of games is called Move To Earn, which means, you get rewarded for working out. Althrough this concept is relatively new, it is becoming extremely popular, because participating in such game is not only funny and amusing, but can actually get profit to the player. There are already a bunch of very popular games that you can join right now, and certainly, more apps will be launched in the nearest future. Well, let's see what options are offered today among Move to Earn games.


One of the most popular Move To Earn platforms that has earned a good reputation among games of this genre. Once you receive a StepN invitation code, you are given the opportunity to buy or rent shoes that will take into account your steps and running. Getting an invitation code may seem a little time consuming and the price of shoes is not that low, but in return you get several different types of tokens that you can spend both on yourself and on NFT shoe upgrades that will allow you to get more rewards from exercises than with shoes of a lower level. This way, your shoes become unique, which does not prevent you from trading them for NFTs with other players in the future. The results are tracked both via smartphones and via PC.


The platform is based on a competitive principle, where after paid registration you get NFT shoes that you and your friends can use to perform various exercises, dance and generally move actively, receiving MOOB currency. To receive a reward, you only need to film your movements on your phone camera and insert them into the application, which, using the developed artificial intelligence, will evaluate and calculate your exercises. The application is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones.
For participation in a sporting event, a contribution in crypto is required, but this is only necessary for participation, in the future your money will be returned to you.


A platform that has been operating since 2015, and in the beginning of 2022, its participants exchanged more than 70 million dollars for goods and services provided by Sweatcoin. This Move To Earn game has been able to attract the attention of many players due to its simple application and its free access. What could be easier than getting one token for every thousand of steps you make?

The application itself is available both on iOS and Android. Just download the app and register and you can start earning Sweatcoins. The first level will be free, and the next ones will be available if you buy subscription for a fixed fee.

Step App

Great entertainment and a way to earn money by competing with friends in the metaverse. The application uses augmented reality, and by earning the application currency KCAL, you can not only upgrade Sneaks sneakers, but also buy addons for your account, whether it be maps, avatars and much more. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.


Genopets is a move to earn MMORPG game where you actively take care of your pets called Genopets. The platform has two tokens, one of them is shared and the other is in-game. You can pend them on your Genopet so that it performs better in a battle and beyond. Install the application on your smartphone and develop your body and spirit, getting rewarded for it.


An easy to access, register and use Move To Earn game that keeps track of your activity using fitness trackers while you wal, run, cycle, swim or perform any other type of phisical activity. You can purchase an invitation to complete a task, and for the successful completion of that task you receive a Wirtual token.


Calo is a simple yet useful Move To Earn app that helps you burn calories while earning a CALO token, which you can either spend on yourself and participate in events, or invest in another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Etherium. The application is well suited for those who are interested in the topic of studying cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Invite your friends and grow together.


DOSE is a promising platform and token created by OliveX to support NFT fitness games, bringing them together in one common metaverse through augmented reality and gamification of physical exercises for the purpose of earning. The DOSE platform is implemented in such Move To Earn games as Dustland Runner, Dustland Rider, 22 Pushups. Available for Android devices and desktop browsers.

Run Together

Run Together is a BNB-powered Move To Earn app designed to compete against friends in running and other sports and fitness. The RUN token can be spent on NFT gear, shoe repair, or coaching sessions.


MoveZ is based on a common everyday activity for most people: moving. By simply moving, jogging, walking, running, and swimming indoors and outdoors, users will earn IN-APP currency, which can either be donated to numerous charity organizations or cashed out for profit.

How to choose the right Move To Earn game

The first thing that can be advised is to gain the necessary knowledge about the cryptocurrency and Move To Earn platforms that you are considering. The very topic of the blockchain, with its prospects, is a complex and risky topic, you should not take on earnings through NFT without understanding the risks, especially when it comes to spending the last money on NFT shoes or a bracelet. Your expenses should pay off, and not be at a loss to you. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some research on both cryptocurrencies and Move To Earn games, since there are no guarantees that the developer will not be one of those who receive more income from NFT for themselves than for supporting the game or platform. As soon as you study all the ins and outs of the game you are interested in and its currency - go for it!

The second thing you should pay attention to is that many games develop and promote their own cryptocurrency, which has a very different value. On the other hand, there are many Move To Earn games that work the same way with more common and more valuable cryptocurrencies, such as the same Ethereum.

Thirdly, you need to understand that many of the Move To Earn projects are completely new, so there are few guarantees that today you decide to earn crypto or NFT through one of the new games, and tomorrow it will not take off. This can be very frustrating, so be careful that you do this as well.

And the fourth thing you should pay attention to is the technical complexity of the game. Physically, you are mainly required to perform certain tricks or just run, but the game itself can either just be an application on your phone, or a game installed separately from an Internet service like Steam, or it involves purchasing some additional equipment to record your movements, which can increase the spend, which, in other matters, may pay off.