Minecraft is probably the most played video game in the world. Despite that it's more than 10 years old, kids continue to play it, and there seems to be no end to its popularity. Is your kid a true fan of Minecraft and you want to give him something to bring their favorite videogame to real life?

Here we have collected the most interesting merch for Minecraft fans, with everything from mugs to cool action figures.

Lego Minecraft (under $25)

This is a choice for parents who want to distract the child from playing the video game - a cool Lego set, which will allow transferring of favorite buildings from the virtual world to the real one. There are a lot of such sets, from big to small.

The beauty of these Lego sets is that you can build almost anything, just like in an actual game!

LEGO Minecraft

Plush Minecraft toys (under $20)

Plush toys are great as an addition to brighten up the child's room. There is an almost limitless choice of such toys, so you will not have a problem with choice. All toys from the Minecraft series are bright and made in the style of the game, and their name indicates the actual size - so you know exactly what you get when you order.

Minecraft Plush Stuffed Creeper Pillow Buddy

Minecraft mugs (under $40)

And another useful little thing for the house is the cool mug. There are some really interesting options - from the relatively modest mugs in the color of earth blocks to the more colorful and original Creeper ones. You can also easily use these mugs in the office so that your work is not so boring.

Minecraft Mug

Minecraft hats (under $25)

Do not forget about clothing, there are limitless options in the style of Minecraft. You can find T-shirts and hats that will suit both a child and an adult.

Minecraft Boys Creeper Face Hat

Minecraft action figures (under $10)

By the way, you can play Minecraft in real life, not only with Lego sets but also with figurines. And they will also allow to make a room stylish and cool, so hurry up and choose which series you like best.

Minecraft Action Figure

How to choose Minecraft merch?

Since its initial debut in 2009, Minecraft has become a global gaming phenomenon, attracting millions of fans, young and old, with its incredibly engaging gameplay and easy-to-learn creation tools. Because of its popularity, Minecraft has become home to many high-quality products in recent years.

There is an incredible number of officially licensed products for Minecraft, and chances are there's something to suit your needs or desires, whatever they may be. Books, clothes, toys, playsets, and much more - all this can be found in Minecraft style. It's great if you know exactly what to give a kid, but if you've looked through our list and still aren't sure which one to buy, the following recommendations may help you decide.


As a game, Minecraft has a rating of 7+, so it's not surprising that most Minecraft gifts are also targeted at this age group. Nevertheless, the game is so versatile that children like it even after they cross the two-digit threshold. This means that you will find gift ideas for different age categories, and the right choice really matters.

For example, if you want to buy one of the popular Minecraft Lego sets, then the one designed for children aged 10+ may be so difficult for younger children that they will not get any pleasure from it, and a toy designed for 7-year-olds is unlikely to disappoint your teenager.


So, kids love Minecraft, but what else inspires them when the video game is off? If they like the fact that Minecraft allows them to build and create, then a Lego set or creative tools like the "Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements" blocks will provide them with the same fun outside the game as in it

If they like the fact that the game stimulates their imagination, then any of the mini figures that they can use may appeal to them.

On occasion

There is a big difference between buying a new bedspread or a huge Lego set of 564 pieces. The first is perfect as a casual gift without an occasion, and the second will be suitable for a birthday.

Different occasions may require different budgets, but even if money is not an issue, there may still be cases when it is more appropriate to give one kind of gift than another. The birthday of your child's classmate may not require such an extravagant gift as your own child's birthday, so when choosing the perfect merch, you should focus on the occasion itself.

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons for the unprecedented success of Minecraft is that, unlike other video games, it has something more than just wandering around and blowing up objects with weapons. This is a game that requires creativity, logical thinking, and the ability to solve problems. This means that parents are more likely to let their children play this game because it helps their learning and development, while the children themselves enjoy the challenge and imaginative thinking that comes with using Minecraft to create a whole new world.

This also means that many of the best Minecraft gifts for kids also serve a similar purpose. Board games and many others can be as intelligent as the game itself, and Lego sets and other toys are the perfect help for a creative game that develops the imagination.

However, not every gift should serve a purpose. Options like the Minecraft mugs may not be too conducive to learning, but kids will undoubtedly think it looks cool, and if you just want to give them a gift as a treat or reward, then it is more than suitable for this purpose.