Everyone remembers microscopes from biology classes. These practical devices can be used to magnify anything that seems exciting and interesting: insects, crystals, hairs, and other objects.

Below we have collected the 5 best microscopes for home use that you can buy right now.

1. BEBANG Student Microscope (under $150)

BEBANG Student Microscope

This BEBANG microscope is designed for children/young people and came out on top as the best microscope. The high-quality, well-equipped microscope impresses above all with its extensive range of accessories. Thanks to the included lens, you can achieve magnifications between 100x and 2000x with the four eyepieces. However, the imaging performance might decrease significantly in the very high magnification range due to insufficient light from the integrated battery-powered lamp.


  • The overall quality is very good and it is not only robust but also durable.
  • The low price combined with the good build quality results in a good price-performance ratio.
  • The achievable magnification is very good.


  • The eyepieces chosen in conjunction with the lens allow magnifications of up to 2000x to be achieved, although this is not very useful as the imaging performance decreases greatly.

2. Swift SW350T (under $300)

Swift SW350T

The model SW350T from Swift offers the best imaging performance and build quality in this TOP, but it is also more price-intensive, so the purchase is certainly not worthwhile for everyone.

Thanks to the two eyepieces, a magnification range of 40x to 2500x can be achieved. However, at maximum magnification, even with this model, the standard light source is a bit too weak, so that the image, understandably, becomes significantly darker.


  • The model offers very good imaging performance, which is far above the average of other models.
  • The overall price-performance ratio is very good.


  • The model is not for everyone due to the slightly higher price.

3. T TAKMLY Wireless Digital Microscope (under $50)

T TAKMLY Wireless Digital Microscope

The simple portable microscope comes with a stand and cable. It is suitable for most cell phones and computers on the market, and in addition, it supports image and video capture and data storage. The microscope offers 50x to 1,000x magnifications and has 8 LED lights. Unfortunately, it does not have autofocus and so it may be difficult to get sharp images. The build quality is not at the highest level. This microscope is compatible with the most popular operating systems and is easy and straightforward to set up.


  • Price-wise, the model is in the entry-level range, so it offers good value for money.
  • The magnification performance is very good.
  • The lighting is bright.


  • Can only be used as a reflected light microscope, as it is illuminated from above.

4. OMAX 40X-2000X LED Binocular Compound Lab Microscope (under $250)

OMAX 40X-2000X LED Binocular Compound Lab Microscope

This microscope from OMAX is a more expensive model, which is particularly impressive due to its price-performance ratio. Although this is relatively simple compared to other microscopes, the design and good build quality enable a clear and sharp view with a relatively low magnification, and thus is it a very good introduction to the world of biology.


  • The price-performance ratio is overall very good.
  • The model is durable and stable.
  • The additional LED light.
  • The interpupillary distance can be adjusted.


  • It might arrive broken (according to several customer reviews).

5. USCAMEL Microscope for Adults Students (under $100)

USCAMEL Microscope for Adults Students

This microscope from USCAMEL is priced in the lower range. It offers a magnification power of between 40x and 2000x. Included are six pairs of eyepieces, which implement the magnification in conjunction with the lens. The LED lamps offer good brightness and very good results can be achieved for scientific observations, even if the magnification power limits the use.

If you are looking for an entry into the world of microscopes or want to use it for your hobby,  USCAMEL is for you.


  • Easy to use.
  1. The image quality is very good.


  • Simple design.

How to choose a  microscope?

Now, after you have taken a look at our TOP5 list, it is time to learn how to choose a microscope that will suit your needs.


First of all, the maximum possible magnification is essential. However, even a simple microscope can achieve the top score if it only magnifies 20x, but that is exactly what it was designed to do. Remember, even if the microscope can achieve 1000x magnification, this does not mean that the corresponding lens can then focus.


In the microscope comparison, user-friendliness and build quality are also major factors. After all, the device should deliver respectable results even if you don't have experience with it. If it falls apart, the app doesn't work or it's too awkward to use (this can be found out from customer reviews) choose another one.

Price-performance ratio

Finally, the price-performance ratio is a crucial point when choosing a microscope. Cheap is not always bad, but the quality has its price. If you want to buy a microscope for home use, it is usually a simple model. Very simple microscopes work like magnifying glass and the refraction of light ensures the magnification of the object.

The total magnification is always the product of lens and eyepiece magnification. For example, having a 30x lens and a 10x eyepiece built into the microscope gives a magnification of 300x. Of course, there are many types of microscopes, such as the scanning electron microscope or other variants. With the help of these, you can see even the smallest structures, but for home use, they are too complex and too expensive.