In sleep, the body should rest, not strain. Therefore, the mattress should promote muscle relaxation and the correct position of the spine. This can be achieved with the right mattress. On average, each person changes body position 26 times per night. This is necessary for the spine and muscles to rest. At the same time, in any position, the mattress should create the most comfortable conditions and support for the spine. The support can be considered correct when in the position on the side the spine retains its natural shape, that is, it forms a straight line.

What is the best mattress? The best mattress is the one that is comfortable for you. It should provide proper support and create optimal conditions for muscle relaxation, in whatever position you sleep.

In this article, we will look at 5 best mattresses for good health.

1. Latex for Less (under $800-$1600)

100% Natural springless layered mattress by Latex for Less

Springless layered mattress consisting of several fillers. The alternation of elastic layers creates the best orthopedic support. The mattress is produced with two firmnesses, which can be changed depending on the time of year, preferences and health condition. Only natural materials are used as interlayers – latex, organic cotton and pure, natural wool. All materials are hypoallergenic, suitable for asthmatics. Perfectly distributes weight, supporting the human body in the right areas. Precisely follows the contours, relaxes the joints and muscles, removing the load from them, relieving them of fatigue. It is well ventilated and hygroscopic.

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2. BedStory (under $400)

BedStory Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

A single-sided mattress with a moderate degree of firmness is an excellent choice for people who appreciate comfort and prefer to sleep on a moderately soft and at the same time elastic surface or married couples with a large weight difference. A distinctive feature of the model is the combination of several types of orthopedic foam with memory effect. It is based on a high-density hypoallergenic synthetic material. Cellular foam is laid above it, distributing the load on all parts of the body and providing the spine with an anatomically correct position. The upper layer with the memory effect creates a feeling of weightlessness, envelops soft tissues, pleasantly relaxes the muscles and does not put pressure on blood vessels.

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3. Sweetnight (under $500)

Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain Relief

The mattresses with a memory effect as a filler are characterized by an increased level of comfort. Due to the properties of the material of the memory-forms, such mattresses precisely adapt to each curve of the body and at the same time do not exert back pressure on soft tissues. These two properties give you the feeling of sleeping on a soft weightless cloud. Memory form is suitable for those who want to maintain correct posture. This mattress is often chosen by athletes and medical staff. Thanks to the foam, bedsores are not formed, blood flow improves. The quality and duration of sleep are getting better.

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4. Novilla (under $350)

Novilla 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress consists of 4 different types of foam, which in combination give the user high-quality relaxation and the necessary comfort, without forgetting about the support of the spine. Memory foam wraps around the body, relieving tension from the muscles, which contributes to a quick fall asleep and a comfortable rest. The foam evenly distributes the load, which allows the body to take the correct anatomical position. The lower layer of the product is represented by high-density foam, which serves as a rigid base of the mattress.

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5. Classic Brands (under $450)

Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam Mattress with Pillows

Springless three-layer mattress with double-sided firmness based on premium memory foam. Moderately firm side is made of foam similar to latex, which is not deformable and can withstand high loads. The material is elastic and evenly distributes the load. The other side is made with a layer of memorix, which remembers the curves of the body and relieves muscle tension.

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How to choose a mattress

  • define the degree of firmness;
  • carefully study the composition on the label. In addition to polyurethane foam, there may be various impurities and layers of organic materials with impregnation. Some models can have formaldehyde which are very harmful to the body;
  • study the recommendations for use. On the label and in the annotation to high quality products, there should be recommendations of orthopedists;
  • pay attention to the cover. The mattress filler consists of artificial materials, therefore, it is better that the cover is made of natural materials, does not slip, can be easily removed for washing.