No Time to Die is a fitting title for our post-pandemic world. It seems to be calling those of us who have been weary and closed-in that the pandemic will not defeat us. The movie itself was delayed as a result of the lockdown, but has come out fighting. And as an attraction, it has certainly worked thus far to lure people out of their homes and back into a sense of normality.

Despite the lasting effects of the pandemic – with some people fearing re-entering cinemas – the latest flick in the series has become the fourth highest-grossing 007 movie at the UK box office. And it became the sixth-biggest film in the world across 2021 after just three weeks, by which time it had raked in $450 million worldwide and $99 million in the United States. The fact that it has overtaken such films as Black Widow in such a short window shows the lasting lure of Bond.

If you’ve seen the new Bond film, then you may be in the mood to act the part. You could buy yourself a new suit for those special occasions, and invest in some upmarket men’s products that will have you feeling suave and classy. For those of you with a bit of expendable cash, you might be interested in a swanky new car.

All things considered; few things will make you feel more like a Craig-era Bond type than a nice high-end poker set. Purchase a nice mahogany table, polish it well and stack your shelves with expensive bottles of whisky backed by elegant lighting. You’ll feel like a regular Bond villain/hero.

500 Dice Style Poker Chips By Trademark Poker

From the dealer chip to the blind buttons, this set of cards won’t let you down when it comes to poker night. Carry your chips in the set’s aluminum case, and impress your friends and rivals with the high-quality texture of the cards themselves. After all, Bond certainly wouldn’t play with flimsy cards.

Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set

The stunning aesthetic of the chips in this set is the main draw here. The markings and décor make your set stand out, so that you’ll be remembered as a big fish in your community’s poker pond. As part of the look, the chips have their values written in their center. This is a nice design quirk, but is also helpful for beginner poker players, who might be still learning how betting works, among other things. Chips with values displayed on them make this just a little bit easier; one less thing to worry about memorizing, while you learn the ropes.

KOVOT Chip Dice Style Poker Set

The soft foam interior of this set makes for a welcome contrast to its hard, aluminium shell. It’s an impressive piece of equipment that will impress your friends. Inside, you’ll find two decks of cards alongside the small blind and the big blind. It has a button for the dealer, as well as 300 chips in total. Hopefully, you will find that they will move like a magnet towards you, as you play over the years.