Recently, the female world came across an innovative device called Livia which is aimed to provide drug-free pain relief during the period. The invention became a true discovery for many of its users who constantly suffer from menstrual cramps. So, now we are here to learn more about this magic tool and understand how it works.

What is Livia?

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Livia is a new kind of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine that was created to reduce painful feelings when having a period. Previously, such devices were used to prevent muscular pain but this particular model serves only to cope with menstrual cramps.

Livia Switch Off Menstruation Pain

The idea of Livia is to block morbid nerve impulses that pass through neuron channels right to our brain with a special electric current. In that case, the brain doesn’t receive any irritating signals and the pain disappears without any medical intervention.

The device represents a small electronic tool with two gel pads attached. The color palette provides a lot of marvellous pastel shades for any taste. Livia is easy to charge as it implies no batteries and needs only USB wire. It is also convenient to carry during the day as it is tiny enough to cover it with clothes.

How does Livia work?

The instructions for using this device are quite simple. You should fix Livia on your clothes or just put it in the pocket close to your belly. Then you put the gel pads onto your lower stomach area about 7-10 inches apart as indicated by the manual's illustrations. The tool has several electric current settings (about 16) that you can set after switching it on. There are only three buttons to control Livia. Press «+» to increase the power of electric impulses until you feel them pretty well. The sensation during the usage of the device is a little bit prickly so make yourself comfortable with it and control the strength of the current when it is needed.

Livia Switch Off Menstruation Pain

Normally, it takes about 10-15 to feel the relief, so don’t get upset ahead of time. It is really convenient to use when you work, do some house chores or even practice sport! The device is also appropriate for night usage.

However, you should also remember that every female body is different. Sometimes Livia helps to get rid of the pain for 100%; sometimes you can still feel week menstrual cramps. But it still deserves your attempt as 80% of clinic tests have shown that the device works efficiently.

How much does Livia cost?

The device has basically no competitors on the market and provides one of the safest ways to fight against period ache. That is why the tool isn’t cheap to obtain. Usually, the price fluctuates from $150 to $200 but it's really worth buying.

Moreover, Livia provides some extra amenities for extra money. Thus, in the product box, you will find four gel stickers with a duration of 6 months. The new stickers will cost you about $29 for pair. It is also possible to change the cover of Livia and add some red, black, and textured patterns for $12.

You can also go for subscription offer, which includes $39 sign-up fee, and then $8 a month payment. If you opt for the subscription, you'll receive the device and the accessories (gel pads). In addition, with subscription, you'll be getting new Livia device every 3 years.

It's also important to know that Livia comes with a 120 days money-back guarantee.

All in all, it is not that expensive when we talk about or female health and positive emotions that we can have when don’t suffer from period pain.

How to relieve menstrual pain: home remedies, medication, or Livia?

Obviously, not everyone is ready to opt for a new pain relief tool and refuse from old traditional methods.

Thus, many women still practice some home remedies that were practiced by their grandmothers. The most popular method is boiled water. The sensation of hot temperatures in the zone of the belly provides a relief effect and makes you forget about the pain for a while. But, undoubtedly, there is no chance to use it permanently during the day, especially at work. Having a bottle of boiled water can’t be always convenient so it is appropriate only for home use.

Another home remedy is yoga. Some women prefer to do yoga exercises to reduce menstrual cramps. However, not every person has the time or possibility to practice this kind of sport. Some people neither practice yoga due to the medical prescription. In that case, we see that this remedy is not for everyone to help.

If we speak about medical ways to avoid morbid feelings, here we also run into some limitations. Normally, we come to pills when we can’t stand the pain anymore. And here it is very essential to not overdo with medicines. Moreover, our organism is easily accustomed to any drugs so you need to increase the dose every time. Thus, we risk harming our health by getting hooked on pills as it can not only reduce the pain but damage some other organs as well.

That is the reason why women’s world should definitely try Livia. This modern device can’t harm your health as it doesn’t imply any inner utilization. The process of acting is natural and safe as the power modes of electric current are very small and serve only to prevent neuro impulses. As it was mentioned before the tool is convenient in use in any condition whether it is work, gym, or friend’s party. With Livia on your waistband, you will forget about dreary pain and will be more active and energetic. The apparat is suitable for all except those with pacemakers, in the first three months of pregnancy, or undergoing fertility treatment.

Conclusion: is Livia worth the money?

To sum up, we can see that Livia should attract more attention as it is really aimed to help you to go through your period with no pills and home remedies.  It is very convenient to use and has portable gel stickers to serve you for a long time. Pretty and small, it won’t disturb you during the wearing and will look like a trendy accessory of a modern self-confident woman. Of course, we can’t guarantee that this Livia device will help to fully avoid the painful situation but according to the statistics you have big chances to become a happy owner of a tool that will help you to forget about menstrual cramps till the very menopause.

Try Livia

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