The key to fast, comfortable and safe cooking in the kitchen is sharp knives. They are a joy to use at first, but over time they become dull, and then the surface needs to be sharpened. You can use sharpening stones or other tools for sharpening.

By sharpening, the tool becomes sharp. The intensity of the process depends on what the knife or other blade will be used for.

The smaller the sharpening angle, the sharper the blade. For coarse materials, the blade must be sawing - which means the angle must be greater.

If the edges of the blade are twisted to any side, you need to straighten and grind them out. Such processing is called dressing.

Resharpening is used for tools where there are pronounced chips, dings, nicks, or where you need to change the blade sharpening angle.

Finishing is the process that involves grinding and polishing the blade. After that, the tool is smooth, even, and ready to use.

Electric sharpeners usually stand on a table. They work automatically from electricity, are able to sharpen tools in several stages - coarse and fine sharpening, polishing - and cope with different types of blades.

Special models are designed for sharpening ceramic knives. There are universal electric machines that are suitable for working with garden or construction tools.

Mechanical sharpeners come in different types. Stationary sharpeners look similar to electric ones. With the help of suction cups they are attached to the table. They are distinguished by the fact that all actions must be performed manually. They work at different angles and are suitable for any kind of blade.

Compact sharpeners are a simplified version of the stationary ones. They can be different sizes, with or without suction cups.

A sharpening stone is a hand-held sharpener that resembles an ordinary stone. It has a diamond or silicon coating. Before using, the stone should be soaked in water and sharpened at an angle of 20-25 degrees to the desired result.

TOP-8 knife sharpeners to buy right now

The sharpening stone is an effective, but traumatic device, so today we will talk about more safe options.

1. NUOTEN ND-073 (under $15)

NUOTEN mechanical knife sharpener

The leader of the rating is a mechanical sharpener NUOTEN ND-073. Being quite large in size compared to its competitors, it is no less convenient to use and does not cause problems with sharpening all kinds of knives.

The sharpener does not slip on kitchen surfaces due to the rubber bottom and fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the ergonomic handle that protects your fingers from unexpected household injuries. The device is equipped with four sockets with metal and ceramic blades for Asian and European knives.

According to users, the sharpener looks more expensive than its price and looks good in the kitchen. The blades become sharper after just a few strokes, which even more expensive models sometimes cannot provide. It is convenient to use, it helps to sharpen the knife quickly and without much effort, it is reasonably priced and looks great in the home - are not these advantages decisive when buying goods on the Internet?


Four sharpening holes;

High quality materials;

Stable bottom.



2. Jiankuan (under $10)


In second place is the 3-Stages Knife Sharpener, which has earned the love of online shoppers for its fast and high-quality blade sharpening at a relatively low price.

The model consists of a plastic body with a round handle and replaceable sharpening head (size 65 by 35 mm), which will be easy to remove, clean with a sponge or even put on a new one at the end of its service life. The removable unit does not wobble during sharpening.

Three grinding wheels, made of different materials, make the sharpener universal for all kinds of kitchen knives: both for chopping meat and peeling vegetables. A tool like this will be very comfortable to use. In addition to the handy handle and replaceable block, the bottom of the sharpener is made of an anti-slip material that holds the sharpener firmly even on slippery surfaces.


Three grinding stones of different materials;

Rubberized pads on the bottom of the body;

Multiple colors.


Unreliable plastic body.

3. MYVIT GLKS-2 (under $15)

MYVIT three-stage knife sharpener

The cutting head can be easily removed and cleaned with a wipe to remove chips. The tool itself has a stylish and safe design: the rubber feet provide durability when sharpening, and the non-slip handle makes it easy to use in the home.

As a bonus, the seller offers a large assortment of colors. Most buyers liked the quality of assembly. About the product leave mostly positive reviews, but some note that the sharpener does not cope with ceramic blades and comes in unreliable packaging.


Safe design;


Good quality sharpening.


Fragile packaging;

Does not fit ceramic blades.

4. Good Factory Store XY168 (under $10)

Good Factory Store 3-stage knife sharpener

Another budget, but therefore no less effective offer is the model XY168. The seller guarantees not only fast delivery but also long term use of the product: according to the manufacturer, the sharpener lasts for ten years.

The cutting head, made of stainless steel, has three holes for blades of different sizes. The model fixes to the table without problems, holds firmly, and the tool itself easily sharpens knives blunted during cooking.


Inexpensive price range;

Wide range of colors;

Sturdy body.


Shaky removable unit.

5. Cookee Store Sharpener (under $20)

Cookee Store Sharpener

The sharpener features four slots with ceramic and metal discs that sharpen blades in two steps: coarse and fine grinding. The model has a non-slip handle and rubberized bottom, thanks to which it does not wobble while working.

Buyers note the high-quality packaging in the form of several layers of bubble wrap, which contributes to the safe delivery of goods to any corner of the world. The device is available in several colors and sizes. Some users remain dissatisfied with the fragility of the


Quick sharpening of kitchen blades;

Large selection of colors and sizes;

Low price.


Fragile body.

6. GRINDER TG1031 (under $40)

TAIDEA electric knife sharpener

The power of the device is relatively low (only 18V), but, according to buyers, this does not have a significant impact on the quality of sharpening. The device makes about two thousand revolutions per minute, which is considered excellent for a home tool.

Removable grinding head with three holes for blades of different thicknesses ensures quick and accurate cleaning after work. The product is certified and completely safe for kitchen work as it does not overheat during operation.


Instant sharpening of all blade sizes;

Multiple sharpening angles;

High rotation speed.


High cost;

Small power.

7. RISAM SHARP RE002 (under $50)

RISAM electric knife sharpener

RISAM SHARP RE002 knife sharpener is suitable for sharpening both ceramic and metal knives. The body of the device is made of iron, the slots for sharpening the blades are located in the upper part, the turn-off buttons are on the side. The sharpener is not too bulky, so it will perfectly fit even into the interior of a small kitchen.

Like the previous model, RISAM SHARP RE002 does not have high power. Nevertheless, its performance will be enough for quality sharpening of kitchen blades.


Iron body;

Fast and quality blade sharpening;

Stylish design and user-friendly interface.


High price;

Fragile construction.

8. NUOTEN ND-E01 (under $20)

NUOTEN electric knife sharpener

The tool will be comfortable to use due to the comfortable handle and the quiet, but unfortunately weak motor. Buyers write that the small power does not prevent the sharpener from doing its job, but the sharpening procedure is considerably longer. Despite the fact that the manufacturer promises quality sharpening of all kinds of blades, some users complain that their knife simply does not reach the sharpening stone.


Low price;


Quiet motor.


Weak motor;

Unreliable housing.

How to choose a knife sharpener?

A list of features that matter when choosing a knife sharpener can include:

  • The number of tool sharpening steps. The most functional models have three. This allows you to first perform a rough sharpening of the knife, and then bring its blades to a near-perfect condition with the help of polishing.
  • The ability to set the angle of sharpening. Particular attention to this parameter should be paid to beginners who do not know how to sharpen knives. Professionals do not need such a function - they have long ago learned to choose themselves at what angles to set the tool.
  • Design of the device. A good appearance is important if the sharpener will be installed in plain sight. It is worth choosing a parameter depending on the design of other elements of the kitchen environment - it is unlikely that a bright red or poisonous green knife sharpener will fit into a room decorated in a classic style.

Choosing which sharpener to buy, take into account the peculiarities of its use. For homes are quite suitable model with minimal functionality - after all, and the knives in this case will be mostly with standard blades. A professional chef working in a cafe or restaurant should buy a universal model that will provide high-quality sharpening of any tool - from straight to serrated.

Almost any tool needs timely and proper care, then your helper will serve long and honestly at the limit of its possibilities. These cares can always be passed on someone else's more "competent" shoulders, or you can master the simple skill of sharpening and maintain your tools yourself. We can not provide you with a stock of patience, energy and desire, but we can offer a comprehensive list of tools and techniques. Today we gave some tips on how to choose the right sharpener, described the products of some manufacturers, figured out the purpose of certain models, but the choice is always up to you. Choose with confidence, use with comfort.