We all know that in order to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, you need a knife. And it is better that it is sharp and fits comfortably in the hand. But few people think about the fact that having in your arsenal not one knife, but several different types of this kitchen utensil, you can significantly speed up and facilitate the cooking process, thereby making it even more enjoyable. If you have to equip your new own kitchen and soon there will be a question of choosing knives, or you simply decided to update the existing ones – the ideal option is to buy a set of knives.

Firstly, you do not have to understand the huge assortment on the market today in this segment. By purchasing a set, you, on the contrary, can be sure that each knife from it will be used often and for its intended purpose. Secondly, the set will solve the problem of storing knives, since one of its main components, as a rule, is a holder specially designed for storing knives. Thirdly, it is much more pleasant to use kitchen knives, which are made of the same material, have the same color scheme and design.

Consider the TOP 5 kitchen knife sets.

XYj 6pcs Kitchen Stainless Steel Knives Set (under $25)

XYj Kitchen stainless steel knives set

Stylish compact set, made entirely of stainless steel with cast handles. Thanks to the magnetic holder, the knives can be conveniently placed on the wall and free up kitchen surface. The set includes 6 knives. The knives are comfortable and high-quality, they cut well, do not get dull. The blades are made of stainless steel, thick, they does not bend, provide high-quality and accurate cutting, when slicing, food do not stick.

XINZUO 7 PCS Kitchen Knives Set (under $300)

XINZUO kitchen knives set

The original and attractive design of the holder immediately attracts attention. The set consists of 5 necessary knives: 8’’ chef knife, 8’’ bread knife, 7’’ santoku knife, 5’’ utility knife, 5’’ paring knife, kitchen scissors. The blades are made of 67 layers Damascus super steel, will be in use for many years. The handles are made of rosewood, have a comfortable bend shape for better use. The set will be a real boon for any housewife.

MyVit Stylish Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set (under $50)

MyVit stainless steel kitchen knives set

Compact set of 3 most popular types of knives made of carbon stainless steel: 5’’ utility knife, 8,5’’ cleaver knife, 6,5’’ santoku knife. The handle is made of anti-slip plastic, which allows you to hold the knife firmly in your hands. The blades are sharp, durable and not dull. The knives are lightweight, easy to use. Very sharp, you need to work carefully. The holder is small, fits well in the kitchen and does not take up much space.

15PCS Kitchen Knife Set in a Wooden Block (under $100)

Professional chef knife set with a wooden block

If you need high-quality, durable and stylish knives, then you should pay attention to this professional chef knife set. The Japanese manufacturers have seriously approached the production of this set, it is distinguished by an attractive design, precision in every detail. The knives are fully made of high-tech steel with a high content of carbon, the Pakkawood handles with a graceful bend firmly fit in the hand. The set includes: 8’’ chef knife, 8’’ bread knife, 7’’ santoku knife, 6’’ salman knife, 5’’ utility knife, 6 х 4,5’’ steak knife, 3,5’’ paring knife, kitchen scissors, sharpener. The set has a stylish and attractive design, the knives are very comfortable and sharp. They do not get dull, allow you to cut any food, especially when you need thin slices.

XITUO Kitchen Chef Set (under $100)

XITUO chef knives set

It is a good combination of price and quality, an inexpensive set that has firmly taken its place among the competitors. The blades are made of stainless steel, the handles are made of wood, which will allow you to hold the knife firmly during cooking and prevent it from slipping out, even if your hands are wet. The blade slides easily when cutting, nothing sticks. The manufacturer offers 5 sets to choose from, which include from 4 to 8 items. You can choose a set that includes kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener, or just the knives and the holding block. The design of the holder is made in a laconic style, it will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen.

How to choose a good knife set?

Properly selected kitchen knives can surely improve your culinary skills. The following criteria are important:

Type and material. The cooking process will depend on the type and composition of the blade. Stainless steel knives are not blunt and do not cause trouble.

Types of knives. Pay attention to what knives the set consists of. It is important to buy those knives in the set that will definitely be useful to you.

Knife sharpener. Its presence in the set will simplify the sharpening procedure.

Holder. It is more convenient to store the knives in a specially designated place.

In order for the kitchen knives to serve as long as possible, it is not recommended to leave them wet, and it is also necessary to wash them immediately after use.