If you keep fit or try to lose some weight, you have certainly heard about the Keto diet. If you have not, this article is going to provide you with the latest information concerning this diet and an app to control your weight and food ration. We are also eager to find out whether to have this app or not. But first things first.

The basics of the ketogenic diet

There is a small chance that you are not aware of the ketogenic diet, as it exists for more than 100 years! It was originally invented to help people to cope with drug-resistant epilepsy. But now this diet is extremely popular to get rid of unwanted kilos or just to stay in the same weight for ages.

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet that is supposed to replace our carbohydrates with the fat got from high-fat products. The explanation is quite simple. When you eat a lot of carbs the major part of your cells prefers forming energy from blood sugar. As result, the energy you produce is taken from carbohydrate food but not from your extra kilos as it could be if you started eating more fat.

The ketogenic diet is exactly that thing. When you are lack carbs, your cells start to break down your fat materials and produce energy from them. And when you reach the «ketosis» condition your extra fat starts to disappear.

Everything happens in a natural and harmless way for your organism. The lack of carbohydrates is compensated by a big number of proteins and fat (75% fat, 20% proteins, 5% carbs). Usually, the diet includes the bigger contribution of meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, and oils. Due to this fact, you won’t feel hungry or weak but very energetic. You may also consider trying Keto supplements that will help you stay healthy and get all essential nutrients while loosing weight.

Why do you need a keto diet planner app?

No doubt, controlling your diet is hard, especially when you need to count your nutrition. That is why a lot of diet planners appeared on the app market. There are, of course, app that help to track your progress when you opt for the ketogenic diet. These kinds of apps provide so-called food calculators which can easily count all your meals and give you the full description of what you’ve just eaten. Thus, you will check the amount of fat, carbs, and proteins that you consume per day.

But it is only one of the keto diet planner options. You will be also supplied with products that are offered to be included in your diet and the ration plan according to your age, sex, weight, and the final aim of the diet. Besides food settings, you will get a training plan that is formed due to your activity and physical condition.

One of the most popular and highly-recommended apps is Ketocycle. Now let’s have a closer look at it.

What does KetoCycle offer?

Ketocycle is a very convenient application that purchases all the needed aspects of a good Keto diet planner app. When entering it for the first time, the user is offered to make a small questionnaire that will help the system to form the best diet-variant that is individually selected for everyone. Here you will be asked about your possibility to cook, food tastes, and some physical parameters. A big benefit of this app is that it provides the question about the probable diseases or health conditions that you may have that expels any risks during the diet.

After that, you will have a special diet plan that you should follow for a certain period of time to reach your goals. The plan will show you the number of calories that you should eat per day and the number of macroelements that each meal should consist of. The app also moderates individual menu and shop lists if you are not sure what products or recipes do you need. Here you will have an opportunity to keep a diary of your lost kilos that will be reflected in the app calendar plan so you can permanently check your progress.

What is more, the creators of KetoCycle included a personalized workout regimen to make it comfortable for you to practice. All exercises are appropriate for any environment and have different durations.

You can also share your experience and achievements in your app feed and find new soulmates. It will help you not only to follow the diet but to gain new friends. Isn’t it great?

The last thing to mention about this particular app is informational content. In your feed you will find a lot of interesting information about other people's experiences, some interesting recipes, some life hacks about your diet and much more else.

The app is translated into 11 languages and affordable in 10 regions. So check the GEO’s option beforehand.

KetoCycle subscription pricing

The app provides three tariff plans: per year, per 6 months, and 3 months. You are supposed to have a discount that varies from 50% to 75% due to the tariff. So the year offer is the most beneficial as the price with a discount is $66 while the total one is $264. For 6 months the price is $92 and $46 with a discount. For 3 months $66 and $33 respectively. The weekly price is the following: $1.25, $1.75, and $.2.50.

It is seen that a year suggestion is the best to choose from as your diet can last less if you want to reach valuable goals. But it is still up to you which to opt for.

Conclusion: should you try KetoCycle?

Now we have covered the most important issues concerning KetoCycle innovative app. It is evident that if you want to start a ketogenic diet, such an application will become a very convenient tool for you to control your success. Moreover, the app creates its own environment that looks like a separate social net that makes the process of using more involving. KetoCycle provides all the necessary amenities and makes the duration of your diet more active and pleasant at the same time. The simple settings and interface are here to help you to become a professional user of the app.  So, there is no reason to refuse it.

If you are really interested in your result, buy the subscription and become a member of this keto diet community. Keep fit and enjoy your diet with KetoCycle!