Details make us special. They bring us new live colors and make us stand out from others. That is why it is essential to keep up with times and be miraculous in all aspects. The IQOS case is one of these things, so here we are.

Whether you are the IQOS owner, this short review of IQOS cases will help to choose the ideal option for you. The article will help you to find your own IQOS cover which will be able not only to protect your device but to emphasize your personality as well.


Here is given the information about different formats of cases that are relevant nowadays. The amenities and prices of each of them are presented below to make you aware of all their benefits.

Color Polycarbonate protective case for IQOS 3.0/ Duo. (US $2.69)

Color Polycarbonate protective case for IQOS

This resistant side case is suitable variant for any IQOS holder. The case palette provides all basic colors and its smooth surface looks really stylish. It is supposed to protect the whole device corpus and there is no need to remove the case while using. It also offers a special hole for a charger. The side shape is really convenient for those who use IQOS on a permanent base and don’t want to lose their time.


  • Material. The dense body makes IQOS hold firmly in its cover and decrease the risk of damaging if it falls.
  • The surface and colors: Glossy cover of an IQOS case looks modern and actual at any time. The fashion on shine will never end up.
  • Side form. The model allows its user to save time during using IQOS and influences the wear less.


  • Smoothness. A slippery surface increases the risk of falling down or causing damage to the equipment.

High quality protective silicone side case for IQOS 3.0 / Duo (US $3.29)

Protective silicone side case for IQOS

The case is made with high quality silicone material that protects the tool from any scratches and drops. The fabric makes the cover soft and light so you can hardly feel it in your pocket. It also defends the whole IQOS body and doesn’t let the dust and dirt to get inside the case. What is more, it can be washed with water and it is easy to clean. Such a model is extremely suitable for traveling and camping activities.


  • The weight. This IQOS cover is made of light materials that make it feel almost weightless. It also influences its light and bright appearance.
  • Easy to wash. There is no need to buy a new one because of the unwanted spots. Just wash it!
  • Protection. Silicone material leads to the softening of the fall. And after dropping it you won’t have to search it thanks to its non-smoothing cover that makes it lie in a certain place.


  • Cuts. Unfortunately, this type of fabric can be easily cut or teared by raw actions, so it is not recommended for a long-term utilization.

Full cover crocodile leather protective case made for IQOS 3.0 / Duo (US $6.71)

Crocodile leather protective case for IQOS

This case will definitely bring you the status and privilege effect. It is available to choose from 3 variants: black, silver and gold.  The pleasant detail is that it suits both men and women. The leather material makes the construction durable and lasting and also protects from water and cold weather that is really important during the winter time because it helps to keep the charging longer. This model provides side covering for the movable part of the device, so in a closed variant it looks complete and sophisticated.


  • Long exploitation. Due to leather fabric and its elasticity the case serves for a longer period of time.
  • Full covering. The opening part of IQOS is also protected from damaging.
  • Style. The crocodile leather design makes the case look unusual and authentic.


  • Scratches. Be careful while using IQOS with such a covering because it can be easily cut and there is a risk of gaining scuffs.
  • The opening part cover. Due to constant moving the removable part can serve less than the main one.

Fashionable flip-top book leather case with two sections for IQOS 3.0 / Duo (US $3.63)

Flip-top book leather case with 2 sections for IQOS

It is a true gift for those who prefer to keep all IQOS tools in a one place. This leather-made variant consists of two sections which allow you to have there your IQOS, your sticks and an IQOS brush. This option is obviously appropriate for trips and journeys. Moreover, it looks really nice and can suit any outfit. The portative rope handle is also included.


  • Official style.  When you are a big boss or just a business person, this type is definitely yours.
  • All is kept in a one place. Such an option allows you to save time in searching all these separate things in your bag.
  • Material. Leather case is a good choice for any climate and circumstances.


  • Size. It is a little bit bigger than just a simple case but according to its wide functional it is not such a negative factor.

High quality fashion flip cover book case, wallet case for IQOS 3.0 / Duo (US $3.69)

Flip cover book case or wallet case for IQOS

An alternative to the previous version is a textile-covered case that has the same sections and functions. Inner part of the case is made of leather and it makes it more practical in use.  Its removable handle is also leather-made in combination with its inner side. The main benefit of this model is that it has less formal style that makes it appropriate for the casual one. But it still accomplishes the function of keeping all accessory things in a one case.


  • Style. The design is more informal but still provides the proper impression.
  • Functionality. All IQOS needs in a one place that is so convenient in use.
  • Handle. The handle of this case is made from more practical materials that increase the period of its exploitation.


  • Cover. Textile surface can be damaged with water and cuts.

All in all, the choice of the ideal variant is up to you because we all have different tastes and needs. Do not forget about such facts that picture and case itself can have several distinctions such as color shades and size options. So, be careful, check every detail beforehand and enjoy your perfect IQOS case!