In the beginning, there were cases! Crazy thick leather cases for push-button phones. Then came smartphones, and for a while their everyday packaging was similar. Later everyone switched to films, but now it's time for glasses. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a good protective glass.

In the past few years, protective glass has taken a big step forward. Now many well-known manufacturers have included in the ranks of its accessories protective glass.

TOP-5 screen protectors for iPhone

These screen protectors have been tested by thousands of customers.

1. Girlfate Tempered Glass

Girlfate protective glass for iPhone

Brand Girlfate represents protective glass for iPhone with a maximum tightness of fit. To obtain such a result the modern technology of rounding the edges of the product was used. Thanks to properly placed holes, the glass does not interfere with the Face ID, front camera, and speaker. Oleophobic coating effectively repels dust, fingerprints, water, and other dirt. Perhaps the only drawback of the product can be considered a long delivery time and occasional damage during shipping.


Perfect fit with no frames;

Stable Face ID and sensor performance;

Stays on the screen for as long as possible.


Occasionally glass arrives broken.

2. Ugreen Screen Protector For iPhone

Ugreen screen protector for iPhone

The quality of these windows is close to perfect, but they quickly go out of stock. Because of this, it can be problematic to find a product for a particular model of phone. In addition, glasses for iPhone 12 are not yet available for sale. Coverage is incomplete, because of this the price seems overpriced compared to competitors. This is where the disadvantages of the product end. Glass protects the smartphone from any liquids, fingerprints, and mechanical damage, transparency reaches 99.9%. You can order a set of two glasses. The strength of the product - 9H, there is protection from ultraviolet radiation.


Frame for quick sticking;

UV protection;

Durable and quality materials.


Out of stock on many models;

Price is higher than counterparts.

3. ESR-Global Tempered Glass

ESR-Global tempered glass for iPhone

The following product will be the perfect solution for those who use older versions of iPhones. Of course, glass for new smartphones is also in the range, and their quality is not worse. Each package contains 2 products and a gluing kit. The glass has been hardened at 800°C, it can withstand significant damage and strong impacts. The most significant disadvantage of the product was the fact that there is a frame on the edges of the display, the coating is incomplete. But the quality of protection and performance of the phone is not affected.


Support for all existing iPhone models;

Innovative nano-coating;

Will not crack even from impact.


Covers the screen incompletely;

The sensor does not always work.

4. Baseus Tempered Glass Film

Baseus tempered glass film for iPhone

Baseus has all the accessories you need for your smartphone, including protective glasses for your iPhone. They are suitable for the newest versions with a diagonal of 5.8-6.5 inches. Products for older phones will have to look at other sellers. The quality of glass is excellent, in some places even better than the original. Speaking of flaws, buyers berate the version with UV protection because of the distortion of colors on the screen.


There are glasses available for the latest versions of the iPhone;

There is a version with UV protection;

Branded packaging with instructions.


Black bezels around the edges;

Color distortion due to blue coating.

5. Suntaiho 10D Tempered Glass for iPhone

Suntaiho 10D tempered glass for iPhone

Suntaiho offers full-coverage protective glass for iPhones. The surface of the product has holes for the speaker, front camera, and sensors. The reviews say that the glass does not "eat away" the edges, the sensor works steadily. But the durability of the glass leaves much to be desired - they can crumble after a couple of months.


Dense coating with no gaps;

Two versions to choose from;

Stable operation of touch keys.


Glass does not last for very long.

What are the differences between types of smartphone glass?

The main difference between smartphone glasses and each other is their hardness or durability. In this case, the strength does not mean conventional indicators, but quite specific figures. For example, a good indicator for protective glass is a 9H. Such glass is 2-3 times stronger than films and is a compromise between strength and fragility. If the index is lower, the tempered glass will scratch, if higher, it will break.