The inversion table is a popular device for stretching and performing special exercises for the muscles of the spine. It looks like a stable metal or plastic construction in the form of a bench. The device has a support equipped with handrails and reliable foot support. You can choose mechanical or electromagnetic models.

Inversion therapy is a method used to treat hernias, protrusions and correct posture. At his discretion, the user changes the angle of inclination of the table simultaneously with the position of the body. When the intervertebral discs are stretched, the spine lengthens. When training on a gravity table, it is important not just to hang upside down at a comfortable angle, but to perform various techniques, including light bends and twists to stretch not only the vertebrae, but also the muscles.

Top 5 inversion tables of 2022

1. Innova Inversion Table (under $130)

Innova Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest

The most budget-friendly inversion table. But this is the case when the word “primitive” in relation to the product, does not mean bad, but reliable and easy to maintain. The tilt angle (from 15 to 85 degrees) is adjusted manually, using a movable pin that is screwed into one of the 6 slots. The adjustment system itself is hidden under a gray plastic box, so the design looks minimalistic. This inversion table is designed for height from 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in and weight up to 300 lbs. Despite the low cost, the table is stable and durable. This is because its frame is made of steel, not plastic, as is the case with cheap counterparts.

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2. Relaxdays Inversion Table (under $250)

Relaxdays Inversion Table

One of the main advantages of this device is a low noise level. It allows you to train at home as smoothly as possible, which is important for both beginners and experienced athletes. By the way, the weight of the table is only 20 kg, but it is stable and durable. The table frame is made of durable steel, which does not require complex maintenance. The material used for the upholstery of the backrest and bolsters does not wear out even with intensive use. The manufacturer has taken care not only of the comfort, but also the safety of training, adding anti-slip pads to the design. Anatomical back, smooth curves, stability. The downside is the low weight capacity. Only users weighing less than 130 kg will be able to train.

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3. Ironman Inversion Table (under $200)

Ironman Inversion Table

The heaviest and largest inversion table. The Ironman features an extended soft backrest and increased weight capacity. This is the most “hardy” machine in our Top: it can withstand a weight of up to 350 lb. The extended handles help you quickly return to the horizontal position. The soft lumbar pillow allows you to lie comfortably on the table, if you are not practicing full inversion (turning upside down). The backbone is not only made of steel, but also powder coated for additional support. There are also ergonomic ankle holders, while the cheaper models usually only have foam pads.

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4. Health Gear Inversion Table (under $200)

Health Gear Inversion Table

The anatomically shaped soft back, massage and heated exercise machine is an innovative breakthrough in this segment of the market. The manufacturer offers a reliable design made of high-strength steel with increased efficiency of home training. On the base there are non-slip covers that not only hold the device firmly in one position, but also protect the floor covering from scratches. On the back there is a massage pillow with a remote control function. It completely repeats all the lines and curves of the back, promotes muscle relaxation.

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5. LBN Inversion Table (under $550)

LBN Inversion Therapy Table

The slippery material of the back, lying on which the person slid forward, was replaced with a thin plastic with holes. Perhaps because of this, the table has become more compact than its competitors. The table is also easy to clean. In general, the inversion table looks light and high-quality. The ergonomic ankle holders received special praise from users.

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How to choose an inversion table

The inversion table is selected individually, depending on your height, weight, health status.

1. Safety: Stable steel frame, ankle holders, smooth turning mechanism, rubberized corners and handles.

2. Functioning: angle adjustment or mechanisms to help with inversion, large range of height adjustment for exercises with a slight incline.

3. Comfort: No pressure points, soft headrest and the ability to adjust it, a lumbar pillow and a soft back, in case you do not practice full inversion.

We hope that this guide will be helpful for those looking for a good equipment to practice inversion therapy.