Home remedies for Insect Bites

Every one of us has experience with insect bites since at some point in our life, we have been bitten by a wasp, mosquito, bee, bedbug, etc. The positive side is that most of the time, they aren’t serious, and after a couple of hours or days, they tend to get better. However, there are times when the bites get infected and cause an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) and in the most severe cases, malaria or Lyme disease.


The stings and bites tend to cause a swollen, red lump on the skin. It can be painful and also itchy when it’s not serious, these symptoms go away in a matter of hours or days. When a mild allergic reaction occurs, a larger area of the skin will become red, and swollen. For these symptoms to go away, it takes around seven days. Furthermore, when a severe allergic reaction develops, symptoms tend to be more serious, the patient may experience dizziness, breathing difficulties, and a swollen mouth or face.

Things you must do when you get stung or bitten:

• Remove the tick or the sting from the skin
• Wash the area that has been stung or bitten
• To reduce the chance of infection, avoid scratching it
• Apply a cooled in water piece of cloth to the affected area
• Apply Emu Joy Mosquito Bite Relief in the skin

When to see a doctor:

• Your symptoms don’t show any improvements
• A large area (4 inches) becomes swollen and red around the bite
• When you get bitten or stung in your mouth, near your eyes, or throat
• If your wound gets infected, and pus starts forming, have swelling, pain, or redness

When to go to the ER:

• When you have difficulty breathing
• Vomiting or nausea
• Increased heart rate
• Loss of consciousness
• Difficulty swallowing

Emu Joy Mosquito Bite Relief is a twist-up stick that can be carried anywhere, and the moment you get stung or bitten apply it to the area. It has no odor and no heat pain when it is used. It stops the itching and the pain immediately. The skin absorbs Emu oil faster than other oils because it is quite similar to the skin’s oil. It can also be used for scratches, bruises, bumps, chapped lips, sunburn, small cuts, minor campfire burns, poison ivy and oak, eczema, scabies, and jellyfish stings. It is very useful for insect bites like flea, gnat, bed bug, chigger, spider mite, and horse fly.

It contains only natural ingredients like organic sunflower oil, AEA certified emu oil, sweet almond oil, organic chamomile, organic comfrey, organic calendula, beeswax, organic lemon balm, organic cocoa butter, natural vitamin E, aloe oil, goldenseal extract, organic evening primrose oil, and essential oils of carrot seed, tangerine, and cajeput.

It costs less than $15, and it can be carried everywhere, in other words, whenever you’re planning to do any outdoor activities, you can put it in your pocket and bring it with you, so that whenever you get bitten, stung, or have a sunburn, apply it to your skin.

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